1000 Places to See Before You Crash: Last Call

Welcome to the first of an ongoing series at Hey Girlfriend, “1000 Places to See Before You Crash”!! Pretty self-explanatory, we think: these are the places we recommend to each other when a Girlfriend groupposts*: “I’m bored, I want to do X”, or places that we consider to be the best that Second Life has to offer. Or, if you’re Yvette, these are some of the places you go to hide (Thanks, guys. You suck. – Yvette).

What better place to start than with Last Call. The real life creators behind Last Call always represented the top of artistry in SL– original looks, impeccably textured and rendered. When one of the creators behind Last Call passed away, Second Life lost a prodigious and prolific talent. Amazingly, a decision was made to leave the store open for an indefinite period of time, slash prices on most outfits to 100L, and make the outfits transferable. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift for those of us who have little to spend, or who couldn’t previously justify getting outfits in more than one color.


The sale is still ongoing. If you haven’t made it yet, take a spin– lag is manageable now. If you’ve already filled your inventory, we encourage you to take another look, if not to buy, to contemplate the work of one of the top designers in Second Life. Go!: Last Call

All outfits submitted by Hey Girlfriends in response to a group request to send pictures of their favorite Last Call outfits (HG’ers: still accepting photos! send to heygirlfriendsl@gmail.com)

* groupposts: posted in-world in the Hey Girlfriend group.


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