Girlfriend Gossip- Hot off the presses..

Gotcha hot leap year action right here, ladies. Girlfriend Gossip for the last week of February, 2008:

Freebs (or close enough)

Clothes and related stuffage

  • The Vanity Universe- sponsored Skin Fair 2008 starts today, Saturday March 1, 2008 at 1 PM SLT. Discover your new look: take a spin to pick up samples and freebies! Go!: Skin Fair 2008
  • Big Booty Big Money has the Simple Russian Preview Dress set out as a freebie. Go!: BBBM Make sure to pick up the 1L poses and sale items at the store. The update group also has some goodies, if you have a group slot to spare.
  • I love black and white and I love polka dots! Yay free dress at Mojo!!! Go!: Mojo
  • Goodies in the vendor at Marinoco – you’ll find a dress, pant, bikini and another dress!! Go!: Marinoco
  • Bossa Nova -new hat hair! And a freebie one even! Yay! It’s Julie Hat hair. Go!: Bossa Nova
  • Moonshine has two dollarbie hairs out yay hair! Thanks Honeydripper for this find! Go!: Moonshine
  • A whole table full of goodies for guys at KMadd (and of course we girls can wear them too) Go!:KMadd Enterprises


  • A houseful of freebies at FairChang store on FairChang Calypso. You’ll find boats, bats, frogs, everything but the kitchen sink nearly…well, there’s a dishwasher! Go!: FairChang


  • Stellar Designs has added even more items to the sale! Hurry, it ends the 6th, and the items will be gone forever, and you dont want to miss out on your chance to get these at a great price. Hurry, you can read the rest of this note later…oh, for pete’s sake..Gooo go go!: Stellar Designs
  • AnnaH‘s main store location has everthing on sale 100 or less! Go!: AnnaH
  • Last Call has announced that the sale of all Ginny Talamasca items will be running through the end of March. Also, customers are asked to vote on whether Vintage items should be placed on sale for the last few weeks of March. For details on the vote and how to make your voice heard, stop by the Last Call blog here: Link!: Last Call Blog


(Shell keeps the group updated on these in-world, in-group.)

    • Mau’s & Mej’s have opened their new location, and have set out some hair freebies to celebrate. You have to hunt them down, so get to searching. Go!: Mau’s & Mej’s

    Subscribe o Matics

    If you are not on the PixelDolls SubscribeOMatic you should be. Check your objects for this week’s gift! (OMG i did not take off the long white dress for two days, and I got another dress even before I got this note finished!)


    • Schadenfreude – If you’re in this group you get a cool, group only version of the new release necklace!!!
    • Sparkle Skye Designs– Join the group and go to the shop to find weekly dollarbie St Patrick’s Shamrock Dresses. They are beautiful just like we expect to see from Sparkle. Go!: Sparkle Skye Designs

    Lucky Chairs

    • Tesla has generously set down two lucky chairs with chair only colors of beautiful Tesla shoes. Oh, to have a name that starts with Q…or V…or Z…or U. Go!: Tesla
    • BP* is…the bomb..with Big Bomb Hair (yes, yes,’s late y’all). So fun! Go!:BP*

    Lost? Got any problems, questions, complaints? Post in-world in the Hey Girlfriend group, and we’ll help.

    As always, a great big thank you to all designers and creators for their talent and generosity from the Hey Girlfriend group.

    – Catty Loon 

    One thought on “Girlfriend Gossip- Hot off the presses..

    1. Ooo I love freebie Fridays (or any other freebie days!!!!)!

      Catty’s right though- the girlfriends are the most helpful bunch, encouraging and supportive. Somehow we manage to stick together no matter what. I soooo dig it. 😉


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