Girlfriends Sowing the Seeds of Love!

Girlfriends planting, day 1.

The Girlfriends have begun sowing sunflower seeds in their show of love for the planet! We’re hiking up our skirts and getting down and dirty to do the deed, however, some of us, in true girlfriend fashion, have found it just another reason to get out and show our new duds. 🙂 Read on for the lowdown, admire the photos and contact one of us in world for a pack of seeds so you can pitch in too.

Intel, maker of stuff that makes our computers go vroom, is donating 1$ to the Conservation International Foundation for every virtual sunflower planted Mar 3 – April 1,2008 at Intel. The way it works is relatively simple– you get your seed pack at Intel, wear it, and click on the soil. A beautiful sunflower appears, and after two minutes, you can plant another one. You get ten opportunities to plant a day, so a total of ten dollars goes to conservation efforts. There are a couple of goodies that you can pick up as well– a jetpack and a laptop that appears in front of you when you type. Lovely 😀

AND, if you are a US or Canadian resident, planting a sunflower gives you a chance to win great prizes such as a brand new Gateway P-171X FX Edition Laptop !!! It will ask you for your email when you plant, so make sure to pay attention to the popup that shows up when you plant your flower.

So…lets help big corporations make donations 😀 If you use my seed packet (IM me, Catty Loon, for one), we both get credit for the planting. Unfortunately, the packet is assigned to my avatar, not the group as I would have wanted. Nonetheless, you can pass my seed packet (you’ll see my name on it) around to other friends and it will all count towards the girlfriend count. Though its my name showing on the board, it is only there as a symbol for the Hey Girlfriend! group and I have no doubt we can show everyone, what we can do when we work together and have fun doing it! Lets show the grid that Hey Girlfriends group rocks!

I am so excited about this, I think its a fantastic way for us all to help keep our planet green!

PS – at the time of this blog post (March 5 , 12.00AM SLT) the totals are:

total sunflowers planted 1872
Catty Loon Girlfriends – 1st place with 271 planted !!

For more information:


Phinn Boffin gets totally into the mood!

UPDATE: It seems that every time that you use my packet, I also get an entry for the laptop. I did not know that until Pica Paperdoll let me know…I didn’t think I would get more than an extra donation on my behalf, so please feel free to use your own seed packet if you’re uncomfortable with giving me an extra entry to the laptop drawing. Anyone who knows the Hey Girlfriend! group knows that we do all we do as a service to the group as opposed to the individuals who run it, and I want you to know that that remains as true as ever! GIRLFRIENDS ROCK!


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