Girlfriend Gossip- Hot off the presses..

We’ve got your Girlfriend Gossip for the weekend of March 7, 2008…

But first off, a note on the Intel sunflowers challenge we posted about earlier. I know girlfriends have been called alts of me while they plant, and I have been accused of cheating through IM. In typical SL style, the drama llamas are out and in full display. We’re doing extremely well (to the tune of almost 900 sunflowers planted to date by members of the group!!), and I want to assure everyone that we are well within the rules, which are posted at the Intel Island site.

Also, I remembered I once did some part time hosting work for ESC, the company running the island, so I contacted the organizers about it and got myself disqualified for the laptop. WOOT! So now, while every sunflower planted with my seed packet counts for charity, and enters the person who plants it into the laptop contest, I don’t get an extra laptop entry because my seeds were used. Sounds crazy, but I have never been more relieved to not be able to win something. 😀 So let’s get those sunflowers planted for charity! 🙂

Freebs (or close enough)

Clothes and related stuffage

  • Reghan’s Hats and Hodgepodge – Girlfriend Reghan has a new dollarbie out yay! And…have you noticed that model she’s using? Wooooow…wonder who that girl is. *grins proudly* Go!: Reghan’s Hats and Hodgepodge
  • S.Y.D has put out a Janet Jackson tank (and I love me some Janet Jackson) Go!: S.Y.D.
  • Free star tattoos at N.S.B.— you know tattoos are always fun, and can you ever have enough? Go!: N.S.B.

more after the cut…


  • Cramz Tutorials has a new dollarbie build tutorial out.. Don’t miss it! Go!: Cramz
  • From Yvette Quijote: Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose (LAP) has some of the best poses in Second Life, and also is one of the most generous pose makers. She has a number of free poses in her store, to the right of the entrance, including sets for more full figured avatars. Go!: Long Awkward Pose


  • LC Vamp – 5 pairs of shoes to be retired are on sale for 100L. They are located down the street from the main landing, in a side room. Go!: LC Vamp


(Shell keeps the group updated on these in-world, in-group.)

Subscribe o Matics

  • Long Awkward Pose has a subscribeomatic that keeps you updated with all the freebies and goings on in the shop, as well as any freebies that become available (like the ones above) 🙂


  • Join Cal Gal for Callie Cline’s Friendship week, where Callie is releasing a new gift, every day, all week. This is a group definitely worth belonging to– Callie is generous and full of surprises. Join up and go get em. Go!: caLLiefornia
  • Sparkle Skye Designs– Join the group and go to the shop to find weekly dollarbie St Patrick’s Shamrock Dresses. They are beautiful just like we expect to see from Sparkle. Go!: Sparkle Skye Designs
  • Join the Alienbear Design & LE’ Cameo Lovers group in SL to get the accompanying Free Shamrock Doll Necklace & Earrings set at the Alienbear Member Discount Shop
  • Another group you should be belonging to is Stellar Designs. Lexi Morgan is also generous with gifts, and she is my favorite itty bitty skirt/dress designer.  Currently find a box of St Patrick’s Day Goodies, for guys and girls!

Lucky Chairs

  • Hairapy has lots of hairstyles in the chair here. Go!: Hairapy
  • Gorgeous silks on the chair at Analise, changed every month. They’ve also added a chair just for the guys 😀 Go!: Analise

Lost? Got any problems, questions, complaints? Post in-world in the Hey Girlfriend group, and we’ll help.

As always, a great big thank you to all designers and creators for their talent and generosity from the Hey Girlfriend group.

– Catty Loon

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