Girlfriend Writer for a Day: Lucky, lucky chairs….

by Dawn Tokyoska, Hey Girlfriend member

Hey Girlfriends!

I thought some of you might enjoy sharing in my favorite way to spend time in SL when my dear hubby isn’t online, which is lucky chair hopping. I have several lm’s to share. Perhaps some will be new to you or you can rediscover an old favorite that you haven’t seen in a while. Besides, don’t forget that not only do you get to visit some cool shops, you could win something for free, and that is always exciting! I’ll sort them a bit by general category so you can pick what mood you’re in. Happy Hopping and GOOD LUCK! πŸ™‚


Virtual Expressions has 2 shoes/boots chairs downstairs and 2 jewelry chairs upstairs. They change every 5 minutes. Prizes are transferable, so share your dupes with a friend!

W.I.S.H. Shoes and More: 2 shoes/boots chairs that change every 20 minutes, plus a Wish Lamp that if 3 or more people are around, you can rub (click) the lamp and the genie will appear and grant a wish to a random person, offering them 3 prizes to choose from.
Accessories by Eolande: Jewelry, the 2 chairs (which change letters every 10 minutes) have a different set of prizes each month, including gift cards for the store.

She’s So Unusual: Shoes…before you head inside for the 3 chairs in the back, I recommend turning left outside the door and going dumpster diving! LOL! I’ve gotten several pairs of shoes that are currently being sold inside for $50, $95 and more– cute trash πŸ˜‰ But best of all GREAT shoes!

Ariana’s Trinkets and Bridal Mall
: Jewelry…a bit on the goth side, exotic and fun, 3 chairs with jewelry and a few other goodies.

Jewelry Burroughs Jewellery and Eyes: Jewelry again, here we have 2 chairs that change every 5 minutes with some fantastic prizes, most of which feature their iMix color change script so you can match any outfit. Be sure to check out the men’s and women’s jewelry along with the wonderful eyes!


Giz’z Gizmo’s, home of a very special and talented lady who has remarkably inexpensive yet gorgeous dresses and lingerie, etc. Please be sure to check the chair while you’re there…

ICI Cannes, where you can dress like a movie star! 3 chairs that change every 10 minutes.

Crave‘s new home, 8 chairs outside and 1 seasonal inside, plus 4 camping chairs where you can earn a cute outfit in 20 minutes of sitting your avi down and sorting inventory or filing your nails or whatever floats your boat πŸ˜‰

Adored has 3 sections of 5 chairs each, now with Saint Patty’s Day goodies in the pink chairs, tattoos (Inks & Kinks) in the purple, and assorted clothes in the purple ones.

Reasonable Desires has a bunch of chairs outside, and these prizes are transferable so you can share your dupes with a friend. Be sure to check out the wonderful lingerie, costumes, and clothing for sale while you’re here!

Sexy In Pink, great lil store with sexy outfits and dressier ones too, and 2 chairs in the back with various prizes including a men’s suit on the sexy side of the store. I love the smart skirt technology too!

Friday’s Girl/Costume Depo- Costume Depo has 2 chairs, Friday’s girl has 4 along with random trivia questions that let you win $2 if you’re right, plus camping there for outfits. Check out both places!
Friday’s Girl/Costume Depot

Costume Depot

Does hair count as clothing? LOL!! I highly recommend Goldie Locks, the hair chairs are way in the back but there’s a teleporter where you land so you can click the green dot and be whisked right to them. She just changed the hairs in the chairs this weekend. Also be sure to check the 10L wall, a full pack of all the colors for just $10L!! I’ve won almost 2 dozen hairstyles from here, love the variety.

Hats by our very own Reghan at Reghan’s Hats and Hodgepodge be sure to stop by and show her some Hey Girlfriend love πŸ™‚

Well that should keep you all busy for now, hope you enjoy and find lots of new goodies.

(ed. We will be adding these chairs to the Lucky Chair page on the blog [tab above]. Thank you, Dawn! )


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