Girlfriend Gossip- Hot off the presses..weekend of March 22, 2008

We’ve got your Girlfriend Gossip for the weekend of March 22, 2008…

Easter sorta snuck up on me like a spring blizzard, but with the help of some great girlfriends, we got a bit of a list thrown together today. Here, is a “lite” version of the fun we are chattering about in group. Believe me, there is sooo much going on this weekend, if you get to half of it, you’ll be feeling like you’ve had way too many chocolate bunnies and hard boiled eggs!!! Remember, this is only a partial listing of everything going on. For more, check with the group in world, there is just way too much happening this weekend to keep up with.

Freebs (or close enough)

Clothes and related stuffage



It’s Easter weekend, the hunts have my head spinning like Linda Blair on Peeps. If you’d like some help on all these hunts, check in group, someone is bound to be working on the same one and happy to help. Here are just a couple of the ones creating a lot of in group buzz.


  • Join Chisel Me Designz for free boots in group notices
  • Gigi Couture has a free Easter skin out at her shops (noted previously)…but it is in her group notices as well and includes a free outfit
  • Join Glanz group for free stockings in notice…three seperate gifts still available
  • Stellar Designs has just the thing needed for your attire this weekend if you’re bored with pink and yellow. Its a great Tshirt and a bonus cuddly tail and sculpty ears!!
  • Helyanwe Vindaloo of Deviant Kitties has posted adorable punk bunny ears to her group as we type this post!!!

Lost? Got any problems, questions, complaints? Post in-world in the Hey Girlfriend group, and we’ll help.

As always, a great big thank you to all designers and creators for their talent and generosity from the Hey Girlfriend group.

– Catty Loon


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