Girlfriend Gossip- Hot off the presses..weekend of March 29, 2008

We’ve got your Girlfriend Gossip for the weekend of March 29, 2008…

Things have been much quieter since Easter and St Pat’s is over and done, which is good, we need recovery time. As always tho, we’ve managed to gather some goodies and here are some of them. Thanks again to the group members for their help, especially PinkSkittlez Lane and Mikayla Ares for submitting items for us. As always, enjoy your weekend, thank the designers when you see them, check out the other things they have to offer, you’ll often find more great things there you just can’t live without! Give a yell in group if you have any difficulties locating things.

Freebs (or close enough)

Clothes and related stuffage



    • SATX has cute dollarbie bunny undies, perfect for spring. Also a few other dollarbies, including a marble lion, and who doesn’t need that? Great shop with very low prices.

    Hair, Skin and other such shapes n things



    • This is the final weekend to get your Last Call items before they are gone forever in the shop, tho they’ll remain forever in our inventories as will Ginny Talamasca remain in our hearts.


    • Magi Take Shop – A must have for all wardrodes….a Denim Jacket! and tank too.
    • -Belleza- join and check in back notices for some goodies, including a skin!
    • Aphrodite Friends and Fashion -AC Cheerie shoes!!! You know you need them.
    • Mirrors*+ has 2 gift in history! Cute shorts (3 sizes) and some Tees!
    • ** Beauty – Avatar ** has a beautiful dress in notice history! This is a must have!
    • Another gift from AOHARU! Cute hair!


    Lost? Got any problems, questions, complaints? Post in-world in the Hey Girlfriend group, and we’ll help.

    As always, a great big thank you and group hug to all designers and creators for their talent and generosity from the Hey Girlfriend group.

    – Catty Loon



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