Girlfriend Gossip- Hot off the presses..

We’ve got your Girlfriend Gossip for May 5, 2008…

I’ve been quite distracted with real life things these past weeks, as well as a new addiction (or perhaps I should say, an expansion of an old one…but more on that later), however, I did manage to gather a few bits. As always, look to the in world group for lots and lots more goodies, as well as some interesting chit chat at times on all kinds of subjects from shopping to frying pan uses. Have a great week!

Freebs (or close enough)

Clothes and related stuffage

Hair, Skin and other such shapes n things

Miscellaneous for those non-fashion related moments



Lucky Chairs

Lost? Got any problems, questions, complaints? Post in-world in the Hey Girlfriend group, and we’ll help.

As always, a great big thank you and group hug to all designers and creators for their talent and generosity from the Hey Girlfriend group.

– Catty Loon


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