How to Plurk a Girlfriend!!

Are you plurking??   Have you always wanted to plurk, but never been quite sure how to?  Well, this is your lucky day!  Keep reading to find out all about plurking, so you too, can plurk a girlfriend!

We all have such busy schedules these days.  We’ve got shopping to do, sales happening all over the grid, parties to attend, keeping up with our girlfriend chatter and gossip, and even work, not to mention *whispers* RL!!

How can you keep everything manageable and still keep up with what’s happening you ask?  Plurk!!!

visit Plurk, sign up, and discover the joy of plurking!  It’s like…instablog and texting all in one! To connect instantly with myself and other girlfriends, use this link to CattyLoon’s Plurk.

SL provides us with a browser in world, thru this, you can use the mobile plurk address, and plurk directly from SL. How cool is that? There are also gadgets available in world for purchase, to enhance your plurking experience, Thraxis’ Creations makes a HUD for plurking, I have not used this yet, but it does look cool! 

Happy Plurking Girlfriends!


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