Hey Girlfriend! Gossip Notices on Flickr!

Just for fun, I am trying something a little new in lieu of the normal notecard notices…using our Flickr site, which has been neglected for soooo long, I am taking pics of my finds and putting them there…you will need to click on the pics to get the info for them…usually the date they were posted is in the title of the pic…for example HG_103 indicates a post of 10/3 (sorry to the non Americans that use that in reverse)…I won’t be doing this all of the time…it is much too time consuming which means I don’t get to announce as much…but figured it will break up the monotony of “here is a dress and a slurl..here is a free shirt and a slurl”. I will still mainly be sending out notecards through the group with the deals on them, just doing this at times because it gets boring after a while. By the way, any Girlfriends, PLEASE feel free to post your pics up there for fun…I know we definitely have some shutterbugs out there!


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