A Hey Girlfriend! Guide to Holiday Hunts and Stuffage

I have sent this out on a notecard to the HG! group in world, and with this being the beginning of the Winter Freebie/Hunt season, I thought it would be good to post it here too.

With all the hunts happening now, freebies everywhere, and other holiday festivities, which will not stop now for this year, and lots of new members, I thought this is a great time for a few reminders.  We are the best group of people in SL, you all prove this to me daily!  We want to keep it that way, so a reminder now and then…is a good thing, as we get caught up in all the excitement and frustrations SL has to offer.

1. Rules  – yes, its that time again, please read thru these if you haven’t seen them.   If you have, it doesn’t hurt to check them again. 😀

2. Hunts – Please, do NOT ask for, or give locations to hunt items in group chat! Jenica, myself, and other officers have said this so many times we are getting tired of typing it. This is not a difficult hunt!  Some of our members do not want to be distracted with locations to items they haven’t found on their own yet.  It is also unfair to the hunt shop owners.  If they just wanted to just give you the items, they would use a gift giver greeter thingy!!!!!  It IS a hunt!  If you get stuck on an item…work with a friend in a private im, or someone there to find it, or take a break..do not ask in group chat for an answer.  Asking for a hint is ok, it can even be fun….did you ever play 20 questions or Hot and Cold when you were a kid?? If not, then it’s perhaps time you learned to enjoy something that is not instant gratification.  

To further clarify a “HINT” …I found this at http://www.dictionary.net

Hint \Hint\, n. A remote allusion; slight mention; intimation; insinuation; a suggestion or reminder, without a full declaration or explanation; also, an occasion or motive.

Do not offer or ask for “cheat sheets” or “lists” in group chat!!! It’s rude, insulting,  disrespectful, and not befitting of an HG!’rs manners.  You may think its ok, but most of us in this group do not like it and do not want it in group chat! The shop owners do not like it, and I do not like it! 

3. Litter – any of you that listen to group chat, or Plurk..or anything else with me, know that I hate litter left at lucky chairs, freebie locations etc.  I know that this group has better manners then this.  Please, if you must rez an item when you get it and not later at home…pick up the boxes and bags after yourself!!! For the first time ever (and yes, I do check boxes when I see them out on my wanderings) I saw a girlfriends name on a box left behind.  This was not a happy moment for me!!!!  I am always so proud to see it was not one of us..and this time…it was 😦  It was in my shop even…which is probably for the better, at least that way no one else saw this shame but myself!  I hope this never happens again, it must have been an SL crash or something…just..a bad moment!

4. Gratitude – If you love the shop you’ve discovered on your hunts and freebie findings, take a moment to look around, and thank the designer/owner if you see them.  We can never thank someone often enough, or show too much appreciation to others.  It makes them feel better, it makes you feel better too.  Try some gratitude…it is a very powerful thing.  This is also a good time to remind you to thank the Gossips in this group, they are working their butts off lately keeping you informed of goodies all over the grid.  Please remember too, that they need some time off now and then to enjoy hunts and SL too, so if they don’t send out a gossip every day or don’t include everything…that is their choice. 

PS – This group is a wonder, there is not a day that goes by that I am not amazed at how it is full of so many of the most kind, respectful, lovely bunch of people in SL .  In the event that anyone should slip to far from our standards of being the best people in SL …they will be asked to find another group that is more suited to them.

Thank you all for helping make this group what it is, and for reading thru all my babble once again 🙂


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