Continuing at Crush Row

Continuing along Crush Row and just scooping up the freebies and dollarbies…if you want them, hurry!…this sidewalk sale is over soon!

from Sn@tch…exclusive hair and a great tub to relax in (if red is your favourite colour)

Chic Boutique has three gifts out…a great red beaded lingerie set, 2 pair of shoes and a 150L gift card!

At *BOOM* i grabbed this free minidress (hair here from the Helen Stringer hunt, as well as the hair in the Punch Drunk pic in the previous Crush Row post) (this great house is set out for 10L as well here, for those that don’t want to pay rent…just wear your house and squat down wherever you want)

GBL has this wonderful necklace out, along with a BOGO coupon!

and these boots are yours if you grab them at AOHARU

and finally, be sure to grab this fun pose from Slash Me

all this and the items in the previous Crush Row post can be yours for about nothing just for walking along the street…a few freebies inside some of the stores as well


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