Daily Gifts in December

Apparently i was away from here longer than I thought…but back in time to list some great trips to make during the month. Most listed here are giving away daily gifts or require a daily visit unless otherwise specified (wow..that sounds almost like lawyerspeak)…worth checking these out, so try to squeeze them in between the massive Peace on Earth hunt…thanks to Alura Messing and Shadalee Heron for helping out…and to Astarte Teardrop for the info on Alb Dreams and to Catty Loon for the Solange info…if anyone knows of more going on…let me (Nytefyre Gravois) know and i will add to the list

Ask and you shall receive…was sent info on several more daily activities and am passing it on here…always willing to share more if anyone knows of any (whew…between getting all of these great gifts and the POE Hunt, who has time for rl shopping??)…btw, if the slurl provided doesn’t put you right by the gifts, click on it again and then click on “show on map” and a red beacon should pop up to lead the way

Damiani – be sure to be in group and have it active before hitting the board

Mythec – again…have the tag on before hitting the board (down for now…will keep you updated)

Dilly Dolls – stop by daily to see if your letter is up on the board…plenty of lucky chairs, a fortune teller and a midnight mania board here too…now also giving out daily gifts

GLD – same as Dilly Dolls…had some great camping chairs there too, but didn’t see them today…hopefully they come back

Baby Monkey – basic advent calendar (great gifts)

Nadas – basic advent…check under the tree though for a free gifts box and some free decorations…lucky chair next to the calendar too
Ivalde– have the group tag on and just click on the gift out for the day

Wrong – two trees in the store…search under both for the right box of the day

Reaction – one tree…find the gift of the day among the other boxes (not 100% sure this is actually a daily thing but worth checking)

S&S – announced to be a new gift under the tree every other day

Magika – new gift every day…but you have to hunt for it (no easy task considering the size of this place)

[KA] – again…daily gift…but you have to hunt for it (not limited to inside either)

DYN – look under the tree…and be wearing the group tag

Artilleri – gift is set out daily and again…wear the group tag to get it

Lemania Indigo – daily gifts at the entrance of the main store…and a Grinch hunt on the sim…100 items for 1L each all over

Sari’s – basic advent calendar

G&N Designs – basic advent calendar

Angel’s Designs – click on the board to see if yours is the letter of the day…midnight mania boards here as well

Sun Designs – basic advent calendar

D&L Ballroom – daily gifts

Style Attack – basic advent calendar

Island Depot – different textures every day (or someone said building kits of some sort)

HannaHH’s – look for the green elk for a different outfit every day (sorry all…i couldn’t find it…but you know i suck at hunting)

Sweet Nothings – a new gift set out each Sunday

Solange – an ornament hidden around the store every other day with a gift inside

Alb Dreams – basic advent calendar…sorry…slurl doesn’t work but just do a search for the store and it pops right up

Elemiah – different gift under the tree each day

Loco Pocos – a great tinies area with a tree loaded with gifts…just fin the gift of the day and click on it to get your gift…also a contest announced on a sign right next to the tree so click on that for the info

Sway – advent calendar here…but first walk around the sim and find the coloured boxes…click on each one and it will give you a notecard with a keyword…then go back to the calendar and click on the correct day, give it the correct keyword from the box with the same number and you get your gift (hope that makes sense…if not the instructions are available there)

Orchid Dreams – Advent Board…click to see if it is your letter today (store is closing :(…not sure if the board is still up now)

KOSH – go to the tree and click on the gift set out for the day (new store to me…seriously cute stuff)

Audacity & Cramz – click on the right day for your gift (woohoo Catty!)

** AFD ** – find the right day and grab the gift

Earthsong – Heard about this in the Vain Inc. chat…so thanks guys…just walk to the calendar and click on the correct day for your gift

Lions & Butterflies – touch the right day for your gift…also a hunt here…20 boxes hidden about (easy to find) but they are 10L each

Night Spirit – basic advent calendar…for a gothy Christmas (or so i am guessing)

Cirque Ayfera – Lucky Advent Board…click to see if yours is the letter of the day for some great jewelry

Serina Lacava– basic advent calendar (nice items judging from the store)

Moonstar – basic advent calendar…click on the right day for your gift

Prim & Pixel Paradise – look for the ornament of the correct day (actually there were three st out when i got here)

DEVILFISH– just head here daily to get the offered gist for the 12 days of Christmas…list was sent out and looks like alot of fun items and have some fun in the igloo πŸ™‚

Shipwreck Bay – just buy the correct day for 0L

Atomic Kitties– touch the correct gift of the day to get your gift

Sexy in Pink – come sit on Santa’s lap and click the sack for presents…changing periodically so check back often…also a great suit for men free across the courtyard in SIP Men

Kiss This – 12 days of Christmas gifts- look for the clues on the large sign…then find the gift

Pixie’s– advent calendar…click the day to get your gift


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