Hidden Treasure…Strayer’s

Has been a while once again…but I came across a place that I absolutely love and have to share it…so welcome to Strayer’s! It can be considered a two for one deal since it involves both a club and shoppingFirst the club…be sure to set your settings to midnight or you don’t get the full effect which is all neony and glowe and fun! Be sure to check the outside and roof before heading inside (where else can you soak in the tub on a roof?). The entrance into the club is a sight in and of itself…then you step into a mix of eastern, 70’s, Chicanery and vintage that just…works…and be sure to have the audio on to pick up the cool Japanese stream that is playing.  If the owner, Yohane Rockett (pic below) is online, he will more than likely pop down to greet you and is one of the nicest creatures you will meet.  Unfortunately he told me that most of the time his club stands empty, which is an absolute shame because it seems great times should be had here (hmmm…HG party anyone?)

And on to the shopping….let me just say that i want just about everything here…a few items exclusively for females…and a ton of unisex items (don’t be thrown by the male model on most of the ads…this stuff looks great on females)…I also loved the Yohane’s mess that is only 25L over by the couch and TV…and there are a few freebies around…one is an absolutely incredible pair of jeans…all the clothes in these pics are from Strayer’s and i have more i wanted to show but forgot..duh!

So be sure to stop by…take a break from those hunts…dance in the club and grab some great clothes and say hi to Yohane!





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