Cilian’gel and the GL Hunt

You know you are doing it…even if not admitting to it….yes I am referring to the GL Hunt of course (minds out of the gutter please).  Be sure to grab Cilian’gel‘s gift…and more!  She has set her fantastic Queen of Hearts Gown out for only 214L (2/14…get it?…of course you did) which normally sells for 400L.  Get the gift and the dress and you can mix and match the pieces for several different looks! There are also 2 free pair of shoes and a beautiful wrist corsage for only 2L.  While here as well, check out the other great creations, camp for only 10 minutes for some cute outfits and get lucky on the miracle chair.

By the way…many thanks to Ann Otoole for the use of her Public Photo Garden which is free of use and provided the fantastic backgrounds in these pics… didn’t grab a slurl (sorry :() but look up Nytefyre Gravois’ profile and go to picks…it is the A Fantasy Apparel one to see it…and donate if you can

chiliangel_001eOne option for the GL gift..cute mini with shrug…shoes shown are free and come with bling on/off option

chiliangel_002eAnother option for the GL gift…adorable babydoll

chiliangel_006eOr be more daring and present yourself as a Valentine’s Day gift in just the underwear layers

chiliangel_003eThe lovely Queen of Hearts Gown in all of its glory

chiliangel_004eClose up of the prim decorations with the gown…roses for the front and back as well as a “crown for the hair…look closely and you can see the wrist corsage on the hand not showing (of course) but it is enlarged in the store so you can see all of the detail


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