If you know me, you know that I am a total skin nut…I think I have more skins than shoes…and great deals on skins are plentiful right now!skins209_001eFirst up is this gift from Cupcakes group…great shading and pretty heart detail by the eyes

skins209_002eNew skin from CHAI….and half price til Valentine’s Day!…available in 8 tones

skins209_003ereally cool skin from [42] called Filth…oil or mud spattered all over…kinda hot, huh?

skins209_004eAnother Valentine special skin from DCNY…if you are familiar with Dawn Memorial’s work you know it is high quality…Dave and Dawn at DCNY are offering this free for 24 hours…so run!

skins209_009eA treasure awaits you at Lazolli…8 free top notch skins!…this is only one offered…two bags right inside the store so grab both to get them all…only showing one because by now you are sick of looking at my face

skins209_005eAnd finally…(this is not MY face so all is good)…one for the guys! Be sure to grab this one from Belleza on the Kissed Hunt…no slurl but if you are doing the hunt you will find it…and girls, drag the BF, hubby or great guy friend over to grab it


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