The Catty Box : Skins – Candace by Genesis

When I arrived in SL, just over 2 years ago now, I had to be convinced by a newfound SL friend that I needed to find good skins, good shape, and good clothes… I thought I was fine with some freebies I had found… I thought I looked pretty cool.
But no she said… quality, you must have quality. However, me being me, I didn’t want just any items of quality, but only those that suited me, fit me… just right. Thus began my endless search. I have found many things of quality, but they just… don’t feel like me. And visa versa – some may fit… but would lack in quality and not be what I’d wear. Back then, free skins were hard to come by.
I finally bought my first skin, thinking I was done, I’d not buy more again. Later I bought more from another shop. Then designers starting giving out freebies for this holiday or that new release, I began to wear others, and look at them differently, and my preferences evolved. A few months back, I began again, my search for a new skin. I’m still searching. I’ve found a few along the way that I love for this reason or that reason, perhaps I’ll talk about those, and my early skins that I still love, another time.
But for now, I want to talk about the new Candace skins by Artist Ryker Beck. I’ve been a fan of her work for months, her talent is rare and her photoshop skills are an amazement to me. I followed her creative process of her first skin, Eden, on Plurk and Flickr, and recently purchased one… and fell in love with it, tho I still didn’t feel it was… perfectly me.
I followed her progress on Candace…eagerly waiting to see it, to see if it fit me more perfectly. And here is Candace.

Genesis : Candace - Fair Ground

Genesis : Candace - Fair Ground

Like Eden, it is a true work of art. It comes in 4 tones, shown here is Coconut, my favorite, and Fair Ground is my favorite make up, tho I love all 8. My favorite part of Candace (and Eden) are the details, softly and naturally done, in the lips, the highlights of the face, the muscling of the tummy, the clean ears, the touchable dimpling and nippling and… other bits. The hips and the belly button and the knees and the moles (even one mirroring a RL one of mine) and did I mention Candace’s dimples? You’ll have to take my word for it on some of these things (I am a reserved gal tho HeWhoHasMeReserved would agree on much of this I am sure) or better yet, hurry over and get some demos and see for yourself. It’s still not perfectly me. But I love it.

Genesis : Candace - All Makeups

Genesis : Candace - All Makeups

You can find all of Ryker’s skins at Genesis. Hurry over there and get them all, as soon select tones of Eden will be removed from sale, and are currently 75% off. You’ll also find beautiful jewelry creations, prim nails, eyes (you get bonus eyes and belly ring with your skin purchases) and other things by this gifted creator. A visit to this store is definitely a must if you appreciate quality in SL as I do.

(Credits : Poses – Reel, Hair – Audacity, Clothes – WoE, Shoes – Maitreya, Necklace – Earthstones, Eyes – Second Skin Labs.)


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