The Catty Box : Loco Pocos – Poco Pals

Loco Pocos is a sim that opened Summer of 2008, themed around the cutest lil Tiny AVs you’ve ever seen. Loco Pocos is a fun carefree sim that has brought hours of fun to my SL time. I first visited around Halloween after hearing so much about it thru Plurk, and watching creator Damien Fate’s progress as he expanded his line of avatars and accessories. My daughter and I fell in love with it, and have enjoyed many hours together (with me on my AV, and her sitting with me, just to clarify), wandering the Loco Pocos sim and playing its games, both at Halloween and a few times since.

Poco Pals

Poco Pals

Damien has created something new, Poco Pals. Poco Pals are human held versions of his regular Loco Pocos AVs, so if you are not in the mood to “be” your fave little critter, you can carry and cuddle one instead. They are just as adorable, maybe even more so, because you can not only customize them thru their built in menu, to match any fashionable outfit you happen to be wearing today, you can cuddle them too! You can name it, give it transgender switches, and change his or her expressions too!

My Pal Up Close

Poco Pals Up Close

Beginning Wednesday night at Midnight SLT, you’ll now be able to get your very own Poco Pal!!! For the first 24hours, they will be 50% so hurry on in and get all your faves quickly, you’ll only have Thursday to get them at this unbelievable sale price. If you haven’t visited Loco Pocos yet, make sure to put it on your list of things you must do, Human, or Tiny. It’s just too much fun to miss out on, and what better time then during a sale!

(Credits : Skin – Tuli (Hope, not yet available), Hair – Audacity, Clothes – WoE, Necklace – Earthstones, Piercings – Deviant Kitties, Eyes – Second Skin Labs, Tattoo – Artistic Skinpression.)


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