Dick Talk: The $1L Demo and You

There has been talk lately about people boycotting the $1L demos at hair fair, or anywhere for that matter – the reasoning being that people were selling demos for $1L just to make up for lost sales or to try to get rich. This is just crazy…

First of all, no one is going to get rich selling $1L items and it is not done to makeup for “lost sales”. Lets do some simple math. To buy a sim you would need about $200,000L. If I tried to do that within one year that would be close to 550 $1L sales per day every day. If you had that kind of traffic at a 2% conversion rate you would not even need to worry about trying to sell a dollarbie.

Saying that someone is doing this to get rich just shows ignorance of SL economy and reeks of only wanting to be heard. Most people do this so that they can track interest in particular items. You can download your transactions and exclude $0L transactions. $0L transactions would include giving inventory and getting gifts among other things. This lets you have a spreadsheet that is only financial transactions.

Also, thinking that someone only had $10L in uploading a texture is crazy. If I spend 24 man hours working on a texture (which is very low btw), lets equate that to real USD. If I spent that same time consulting or doing custom design work getting paid $50 per hour that would be $1,200 USD. At the exchange rate of 1/4 of a PENNY for $1L, I would need to sell 480,000 $1L items to recoup my time!

I do this as a creative outlet and the feeling of accomplishment that I get in contributing to this world as a content creator. Spending 1/4 of a penny to demo something that I have spent $1,200USD of my time on … I mean COME ON….geezz… its 1/4 of a PENNY…


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