The Catty Box: Skins – Shiloh by Exodi (Ryker Beck)

June has been a busy month for me with rl happenings, Hair Fair 2009 preparations etc but finally Thursday I started taking pics for this blog post that has been on my To Do list for too long. Ryker Beck has outdone herself with her newest skin, Shiloh. Shiloh was released earlier this month under the new name Exodi, replacing Genesis as the Ryker Beck label. It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Ryker’s work, and I was fortunate enough to get to beta this skin, and had been sooo anxiously awaiting it since that little peek. I love the previous skins, Eden and Candace, and I knew this was going to be something special. I was not disappointed. I have a feeling Shiloh will be my fave skin for quite a long time, the one I’ll always go back to.

Exodi - Shiloh

Exodi - Shiloh - Oceania : Gone Wild

Shiloh is available in 4 skin tones, Caramel being my favorite (of all Exodi skin tones in fact), and the one shown here. The initial release of Shiloh included 8 make ups, all very yummy and offering a good selection from the bestest red lip ever, to a soft natural look. Later, Shiloh – Oceania was released, which includes 8 tropical summery make up options. Shiloh offers the same quality of detailing and muscling that Candace offers, but is much more refined. I love the belly button, the nipples…are just nearly perfect, the details on the knees and arms…even the nails! The shadows and detail of the spine and collarbone are simply the best, and of course, the ears! All Shiloh Skins are available at Exodi.
Exodi - Shiloh MakeUps

Exodi - Shiloh MakeUps

As I was taking pics for this blog post, rumors began to come of the tragic loss of Michael Jackson. As a long time faithful fan of MJ, I was stunned by this news. Following the wake of this news Ryker Beck did something amazing…she put all of the Shiloh skins, as well as Eden2, the jewelry, clothing, and select other items at Exodi, on sale for 50% off, with 100% of all sales thru July 3 to go to Make a Wish Foundation in memory of Michael Jackson. She has taken a horrible day, and done something great, allowing us all an opportunity to mourn the loss of an exceptional person and artist, while at the same time giving back. This is a perfect opportunity to try the Exodi skins, as well as her other creations. Thank you Ryker for sharing your art and your love.
Michael, may you finally find the peace and love you deserve, and may we all come to understand what a gift your time with us was. As I watch my daughter’s love of music and dance grow to include an appreciation of yours, I know that what you gave us will continue to grow and be appreciated in the years to come.

Exodi  -  Michael Jackson Sale

Exodi - Michael Jackson Sale

The sale is only at Exodi Main Store location.

(Credits:Hair – Audacity (not yet available), Clothes – WoE, (shirt not yet available), Piercings – Deviant Kitties, Shoes – Stiletto Moody, Eyes – Second Skin Labs, Pose – LAP)


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