1000 Sims To See Before You Crash: Hair Fair 2009

If you have not visited Hair Fair 2009, I do recommend you visit before it is over, even if only for a short visit, now that the crowds are down a bit, lag shouldn’t be such an issue.
This is my third experience with Hair Fair, my first being as an unsuspecting hair addict and shopper in 2007. I remember first seeing the posters and waiting what seemed like weeks for it to begin, and tp’ing the moment it opened…and getting in on my first try…little did I know what was about to happen. I stood at the landing point, in a sea of people, all trying to lag in. I could not move. I was blind, could not see a thing other then a Ruth here and there. Being a true hair addict, I did not give up. Back then it was only on two sims, and I have no idea how many vendors, but I quickly learned to use the boxes rez’d for our convenience, and to take the demos home and come back later to purchase. By Hair Fair 2008 (4 sims by that year) my addiction had grown considerably and I was a brand new hair designer, lucky enough to be participating in Hair Fair.

Hair Fair 2009

Hair Fair 2009

Now it is Hair Fair 2009, and again I am participating as a designer as well as a shopper. This year it is again 4 sims, and approximently 120 designers. It is my opinion that Hair Fair is the best fashion event SL has to offer, and the volume of people attending and steadily nearly full sims is proof of this. The build this year is amazing, each designer having done something unique following the Candyland theme. As I am sure everyone is well aware of by now, Hair Fair’s chosen charity is Locks of Love. All designers at Hair Fair have selected a hair whose purchase will donate 50% or more to LoL.
Hair Fair 2009

Hair Fair 2009

July 3rd is Bandana Day. Bandanas created by many designers have been donated and are for sale at 50L, 100% of proceeds going to Locks of Love. You can find them on each of the sims near the landing points. Remove your hair and wear your bandana to show your support for this great charity and event.
Hair Fair 2009 kicked off June 20, and has been extended two extra days, so you now have thru July 6 to get there. For your convenience, there is a full list of participants with SLURL’s to their booths at the Hair Fair blog.


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