The Catty Box: Lily Skins by Exodi

Ryker Beck of Exodi recently released her latest skin, Lily. Watching her teasers on Flickr and Plurk, I knew I was going to really like Lily, but I never imagined I’d be calling Lily the one skin I cannot live without. I liked it as soon as I put it on. The more I wore it, the more I loved it.

Exodi Lily

Exodi Lily

I love the makeups, there is not one I do not like. I love that each make up comes with both the standard, and Faded version…it’s like two skins in one. You also get Lt Brow and Dk Brow versions of each!!
I like all 4 skin tones, tho I’ll likely wear Cedar and Cherry most often. I predict it wont be long before I own every makeup in at least one skin tone. I’ve never been able to say that about a skin before!! The rest of the skin lives up to the usual Exodi standards, tho you’ll have to go try a demo to see for yourself. I had trouble choosing which to feature here, didn’t want to take up the whole feed in one post, so I’ve chosen randomly.
Lily - Random

Lily - Random

Visit Exodi soon, see for yourself just how beautiful these skins are. You’ll also find the special edition “Jeweled” Lily which has been done in collaboration with Rebel Hope and RH Engel exclusively at the main Exodi Main Store as well as at Rebel Hope Mail Store. Find the special edition Fusion makeup pack at Exodi at Fusion. And of course, grab your pole and go fishing for the Sunny Day Lt Edition (as shown in first pic) at the Exodi Fishing Hole.


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