The Catty Box: Giving Back with Trees

Kriss Lehmann of Botanical has sent out a notice thru his SOM alerting us to some news affecting his RL friends near his home in the Philippines. Typhoon Ondoy, also called Ketsana, hit with a vengence this weekend. I wont go into details here, we all know how devastating these storms can be, for more info, you can check CNN.
Botanical Decorates Our Home Sim
Kriss Lehmann is known throughout SL for his amazing trees, which decorate many a sim across the grid. Dick (my partner in all things SL) and I share a love for Botanical trees, and when I heard this news, I knew I had to help get the word out. Kriss has touched all our lives with his creativity and beauty, whether we know it or not, you cannot wander very long without seeing his trees and his landscaping textures. For the next two weeks, your purchases at Botanical will not only further beautify your life, it will give back to RL. Kriss will be donating 50% of all sales during the next two weeks to help locals affected by Ondoy. Shai Delacroix, another talented artist beautifying our lives, will also be donating 50% of all sales at Casa Del Shai for the next two weeks to the same.

Kriss has set up a donation kiosk in world at Botanical, you can also find them at Casa Del Shai and other locations also (not available at the time of this posting). If you’d rather, you can also donate directly at the website for Red Cross Philippines.


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