1000 Places to See Before You Crash: Skin & Shape Expo 2009

Imagine – a sim full of skins! Designers from across the grid, all gathered in one place to show their latest and sexiest skins!!!! The Skin and Shape Expo 2009 opened its doors Sept 26 and runs thru October 10 at KMADD Events. While of course, this is not inclusive of all skin designers on the grid, it does include dozens of some of the best SL has to offer. You’ll also find many of the top shape designers here if you’re feeling like you’re needing a serious change for the new season.
Skin & Shape Expo 2009
The Expo is well planned, the lag is minimal, provided you take the usual precautions when attending any event in SL that involves more then a small handful of people. This should be common sense, and I’m not going to go into any of the details here, but a few adjustments to your outfit and your client settings (does not include turning on ARC meter to check other antendee’s ARCs) as well as prepping your computer beforehand really helps in these situations. Sasy Scarborough has painstakingly provided a list of all direct url’s to each store for everyone’s convenience. I’d also suggest if you are walking thru it, to refer to the map as you go so you can keep track of where you’ve been and where you are going.
You can easily visit all the booths in an afternoon or evening, depending on how much time you look at it all and visit along the way. I highly recommend, as I do with all event shopping, and even more so with skin shopping, that you make the rounds and grab the demos. Take them home and try them on in the privacy of your own home. This way you can take your time, check all the bits and make ups as well as trying various lightings and make wise well planned purchases.
SKIN_SHAPE Expo Location Map
Also, you should note while wandering at the Expo, that select skins (and/or shapes) are set for a donation to the Susan G Koman Fund. Each participating designer has agreed to give a portion of their sales of specific items to this charity. This really is a must do event, you can give back to RL a bit, while getting some new skins and shapes for yourself.
Skin and Shape Expo poster


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