Giving Back in SL: Typhoon Relief Event 09

Typhoon Relief Event 09, originally uploaded by bethyheart.

Wondering what to do on a lovely Sunday afternoon in SL? Want to give back to the world and have fun doing it?
Today, Sunday the 11th from 9AM – 7PM SLT on the Pemberley sim, an all day fundraiser event is being held for the Red Cross to benefit the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.
There will be live music performances during the event, here is a list of times to help you plan your day.
9:00am – Dakila Lacava
9:30am – Kevinthomas Carpool
10:00am – Hazideon Zarco
10:30am – Michelle Ecksol
11:00am – TonewoodFrank UNplugged
11:30am – Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth
12:00pm – Lyndon Heart
12:30pm – Raspbury Rearwin
1:00pm – Keiko Takamura
1:30pm – EricSteffensen Mistwalker
2:00pm – Nonge Shipman
2:30pm – allister westland
3:00pm – Sylar Morrisey
3:30pm –
4:00pm – Jessy Sommer
4:30pm – Phemie Alcott
5:00pm – Skye Galaxy
5:30pm – Harper Messmer
6 -7pm – MicRocka (Kafka Dinzeo)

The following stores (and possibly more) will have items available for purchase with proceeds going to Ondoy victims.
Diesel Works
Doux Petit Dahl
Kenzie Co.
The Loft
M. Fox
Modd. G
Pixel Mode
RC Cluster
Shade Throne

Typhoon Relief Benefit 09, originally uploaded by bethyheart.


2 thoughts on “Giving Back in SL: Typhoon Relief Event 09

  1. wow, i didn’t know there was another benefit for the typhoon…i come form the Philippines, we were affected too by Ondoy’s wrath, but nothing like the other areas who are STILL flooded until now. BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

    • Thanks so much for your comment Isadora. I hope things are continuing to improve over there for everyone. It is amazing that we are able to do things to help even in our lil virtual world. The globalness of SL is one of my favorite things.

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