1000 Sims: Quest For Flesh @ Exodi

Halloween has arrived in SL, and no one does it better then Ryker Beck of Exodi. If you can only get out to one or three Halloween events this year, make sure you don’t miss this one. It is running now thru Oct 23, 2009 at Exodi. Take the teleporter outside the main shop, and you’ll find yourself in a beautiful, tho haunting, autumn world.

Exodi Quest For Flesh 2009

Exodi Quest For Flesh 2009

Upon arriving, you’ll see some info signs, click them for details and make sure to read the hunt rules, and a candy bucket for gathering. You’ll be searching for 23 various candy bars, each containing a different prize.
Exodi - Emo Couple

Exodi - Emo Couple

Make sure to bring your special someone along for the fun, not only is it a great date night out, but you’ll both be able to enjoy the prizes as there are skins for males as well as females, and the eyes are unisex.
Exodi - Date Night

Exodi - Date Night

The hunt runs for one week only…so don’t delay too long. However, if you don’t have time to do the hunt, the skins (not Doc Manhattan) will be available in the Exodi store after the hunt thru Halloween. You know you do not want to miss anything Exodi, so don’t miss this hunt.
(Credits – Dick; Skins by Exodi – Nazareth “Death Becomes”, “Burn Victim” Quest Prizes, Eyes – Exodi “Trapped in Amber” Quest Prize, Jewelry and Shoes – Shiny Things, Piercings – Earthstones. Catty; Skins by Exodi – Lily “Death Becomes”, “Sometimes, Dead is Better” Quest Prizes, Exodi “Trapped in Amber” Quest Prize, Jewelry – Earthstones, Shoes – Maitreya, Piercings – Deviant Kitties. Poses – AO’s of random stands. Clothing and Hair by WoE and Audacity unless otherwise noted. All items purchased or obtained by our own means unless otherwise noted.)


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