A Sunday Solo: CnS, Exodi, and Maitreya

I just loved this new toy from CnS, had so much fun playing with it, I just had to share. It comes with couple poses….but as my Better Half was preoccupied, I decided to go it alone, I’ll get him to join in later but will likely be keeping those pics to myself.

Catty Doing it Solo

Catty Doing it Solo

The Vintage Microphone from CnS also comes stocked with group poses, and guy poses too. Maitreya sent out a yummy surprise to their group members last night….the SoHo boots in Pumpkin. I LOVE Maitreya shoes and have long been meaning to do a post on just them…soon. The SoHo boots are yummy, I’ve recently purchased some Neyya shoes, which are the same foot base used in the SoHo…make sure you get yourself some of each! Ryker Beck of Exodi has been taunting her loyal fans with new skins coming soon, and in the meantime, released Lily in some new (old favorites from the other skin lines) make ups, just to keep us happy while waiting.

Catty Solo

Catty Solo

(Credits CnS e-motion Vintage Microphone – Review Item, Skins by Exodi – Lily “Oldies but Goodies” CedarPadma – Review Item, Exodi – Lily Cleavage Enhancers – Cedar – Review Item, Boots – Maitreya SoHo – Pumpkin – Group Gift, Jewelry – Earthstones, Piercings – Deviant Kitties, Nails – Unknown. Clothing and Hair by WoE and Audacity unless otherwise noted. All items purchased or obtained by our own means unless otherwise noted.)


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