Three Things I gotta have in SL…and Then Some

I’ve been so busy with other things I haven’t had a chance to blog for some time and my piles of things that I want to blog just keeps growing. When I saw Samara Barzane’s Bloggers Challenge I just had to do it, knowing I’d be challenged to list 10 things I cannot live without in SL, narrowing it down to 3 would be extremely challenging.> Here they are, in no particular order…my three I cannot live without don’t you dare take them away from me things (fashion items only this time).

My Three Things..or so.

My Three Things..or so.

Getting down to basics, I’d have to say Exodi skins. I’ve blogged them before..and I’m sure I’ll be blogging them again. Lily is my favorite, with Sienna a close second. Lily’s face just fits me, my shape is mine, and I don’t like changing it to fit a skin, so I can be rather hard to please. There are many other skins out there I love, some I even enjoy wearing, but it is never long before I am back in Exodi.

Three ..or four, things - up close.

For my second item, I would have to say my Earthstones necklace. You’ll see it in nearly every picture taken of me, perhaps with the earrings to match. I love the detail and quality put into the jewelry by Earthstones. I am not much of a jewelry wearer in RL, and never have been in SL either, other then a simple pair of earrings both places. I wear this necklace for personal reasons…but not only am I blessed to be wearing it, I’m fortunate that it is such a fine piece of craftsmanship that hangs around my neck.

The third thing might guess if you know me at all….WoE jeans. Call me biased, I’ll admit that proudly. But…look closely at these jeans, wear them for awhile, and you’ll understand that they indeed are perhaps the yummiest jeans in all of SL. I am waiting for a pair RL. I am rarely found without a pair on…whether its one of the special editions, or one of the faves like Ellee or the Boyfriend jeans. Even if WoE and it’s designer were not near and dear to my heart, I would still be wearing them more then any other clothing in SL.

And because I just can’t settle for three, I just have to also mention Maitreya shoes. If I am not wearing a Maitreya shoe, I am probably barefoot (which I often am, and in RL too). There are other shoes I love in SL, but none as much as I love Maitreya. They have clad my toes since their first sculpted boot way back when. No other shoe maker has equaled their eye for texturing and of course, I love their styles too, they just suit me.

And there are my top three, um..four things..of 2009…what will 2010 bring? New Faves? Perhaps, perhaps. But perhaps not, only time will tell what changes are to come. I know for myself, 2010 will be an even better, more exciting year then this one was, and it is my wish that the same is true for everyone.

(Credits (links to all stores in sidebar): Glitterati Model Chair– Review Item, Poses – Glitterati – Review Items, Plant in Vase – Basic Elements – Review Item, Skins by Exodi – Lily “Oldies but Goodies” Dove – Bender, Shoes – Maitreya Frenzy – Black, Jewelry – Earthstones – Wrapped Crystal – Labradorite, Piercings – Deviant Kitties, Nails – Unknown, Jeans – WoE – Ellee – Steel. Clothing and Hair by WoE and Audacity unless otherwise noted. All items purchased or obtained by my own means unless otherwise noted.)


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