The Catty Box : Blueness from Skin Within

If you’ve been out and about the grid lately, or peeked much at Flickr and the various blogs, you have probably noticed the blueness gradually overtaking the grid. It’s happened to me too…
I was given the opportunity to blog the newest skin from Skin Within, created for the Rezzable event happening now. and I have been delightfully blue ever since.

Ayesha Bisiani of !Skin Within is known for her detailed and refined make up looks and she has outdone herself with her two newest creations. The Droe Exotica skin is so delicate you really need to go try the demo for yourself to see. Make sure you check it ALL out…there are some lovely bits not shown here. I love not only the detail but the uniqueness of this skin, with so many Avatarwanabe skins in the grid lately…this is a very refreshing change of originality.

The second skin created for the Rezzable event, A.N.A. Cyborg, is a delight of floral fantasy. It’s lovely detail is again something you need to see to appreciate. Run on over quickly and get your demos…I know you’ll love these works of art and enjoy wearing them as much as I have.

(Credits – (links to all stores in sidebar): Skins by !Skin Within – Droe Exotica, and A.N.A. Cyborg – Review Items, Poses – Glitterati – SciFi Hallway – Review Items. Ears – Atomic – Mystic Elven Ears – Feather, Boots – Miel – Hai Boots – Red, Lashes – Celestial Studios, Eyes – Poetic Colors – Dark Wood, Vest – Schadenfreude – Deep V Vest – Pewter, Jeans – WoE, Hair – Audacity – Redd – Onyx and Cinde – Onyx. All items purchased or obtained by my own means unless otherwise noted.)


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