Diesel Works for Date Day

Spring is in the air…or at least the hint of it is there. What better way to spend a weekend then on a date enjoying the crisp late winter afternoon while getting to enjoy the company of someone special.

Diesel Works On a Date

Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works has, since his shop first opened in a little box of a shop, has been not just a friend, but one of my favorite pose makers. His poses have an extra touch …that touch that doesn’t crimp the AV like some do. Rogan knows the body well, and it shows in the fluidness of the body movements his poses display. He also does some very fun props, including the Don’t Forget Your Valentine BMX Bike released in February.

Diesel Works for a Ride

The Bike comes in Red, Blue and Grey, and includes several pose options for two people. They are easy to use and switch between and of course, the poses are all natural and smooth. While the Bike is stationary, I guarantee you can still get somewhere with this bike ..but where is all up to you.

Diesel Works Works

Diesel Works More

(Credits – (links to all stores in sidebar): DFYV BMX Bike – Diesel Works – Review. Leather Riders Vest – Black – Aoharu. Bra – Eris Halter – Launa Fauna (part of a shirt set, an old fave, not sure if still available), Jeans – WoE – No Longer Available, Skin – Exodi – Stephanie Pancek – Hot Date – Group Gift, New Release Coming Soon. Boots – Hai Boots – Red Cross Version – Miel. Lashes – Celestial Studios. Eyes – Poetic Colors – Dark Wood. Hair – Audacity – Tayler – Onyx. All items purchased or obtained by my own means unless otherwise noted. His – Mostly Unknown or by Aoharu and Naughty Designs)


2 thoughts on “Diesel Works for Date Day

  1. Hi – hmpf … his skin is so amazing. I search this one for a long time – may can u help me ? Where is it from ?

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