RFL Clothing Fair 2010

Every year since my joining SL, RFL Clothing Fair has been a must do event, full of clothing designers all over the grid that have come together for this event to launch RFL. This years will prove to be no less an event I am sure. I was fortunate enough to receive early access to this years fair as a blogger, so I promptly snuck in and snapped a few sim shots, knowing I was short on time this week and wanting to get some before all the lag hit. I was completely awestruck at the build of the sims.

Clothing Fair 2010 Skyline

Clothing Fair 2010, the 4th Annual event, benefiting Relay for Life, opens today, the 13th of March at 3PM SLT. It only runs thru the 21st, so don’t wait too long to get over there as you will not want to miss it. The build is incredible and breathtaking, with its nine sims of eight “Fashion Cities of the World” theme You can shop in Paris and London and then go to Rio. This years event involves 150 of SL’s best designers, each creating four, yes I said four! new items for donation to RFL. You do the math, that is an amazing amount of dedication and commitment to this event so be sure to visit all the stores and fill that inventory of yours. After Clothing Fair is over, make sure to visit their main stores too, and show your appreciation for what they have done for SL and RFL.

Clothing Fair 2010 Horizon

There will be events going on throughout the week as well as contests and fashion shows. To keep up and find out more, visit the official RFL Clothing Fair Blog

RFL Clothing Fair 2010

A brief note on lag – All I am going to say at this time is..it’s SL, there are so many variables that go into your SL’ing experience, and it’s even more so at an event like this..so take a few moments before going to prepare yourself for visiting the worlds cities and to try to make it a positive experience. Shut down unneeded programs, adjust your graphic settings. Dress for “travel” to all the cities, a simple, comfy outfit and low prim hair and various other things. You’ll be sure to enjoy it so much more.


2 thoughts on “RFL Clothing Fair 2010

  1. Catty, great comments about lag. I know the RFL folks have worked with LL to get the servers working at optimum efficiency. And I won’t even talk about how every unnecessary script has been slaughtered before the sims opened. And it seems to be working. My travels among the cities have been really pleasant.

    • Thanks for the comment Harper, and I agree, the lag has been quite reasonable in the few times I’ve been over since it actually opened. The entire Clothing Fair just …amazes me this year. It is outstanding.

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