Pose Fair 2010

Ok everyone in unison..scream…”It’s Pose Fair time!!!!” We’ve had fairs of all sorts but…wow..Pose Fair …how cool is that!!!? Everyone loves a pose, everyone uses a pose,…whether for just ..standing there (unless you are forever doing the Ruth) or whether you are a fashion photographer collecting every pose possible.
Pose Fair 2010 began (yes I am late…holidays and rl and more rl) April 2 and runs thru April 16. The lag wasn’t tooooo bad when I was there, but do dress down for the occasion, as always when visiting these events. There are also blue and pink skins available if you wish to really dress down and look like a pose ball person. You dont’ have much time left, so hurry on over there, time is nearly out, you’ll find approximately 100 pose vendors, more then enough to keep you shopping happy for an afternoon. If you would like a peek at some of the poses you’ll see there, visit the Flickr group to see some pics people have submitted using their purchases.
The purpose of Pose Fair 2010 is not simply to bring us new and original poses by our favorite as well as new posemakers, but also to support Motivation. Each vendor has at least one pose set to give a percentage of its sale price to this organization that helps people with mobility disabities in low income areas all across the globe. You’ll find many fun, limited time poses you’ll not want to miss. Get on over there now…shop! Poses!! Time is running out, and you do NOT want to miss this, so..go..now..!


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