Going for the Platinum

We little kittens, we’ve lost our mittens,
And we began to cry,
Oh, mother dear, we sadly fear
That we have lost our mittens.
What! Lost your mittens, you naughty kittens!
Then you shall have no shopping.
Mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow.
You shall have no shopping.

Shopping Kittens

We’ve been hearing about the Platinum Hunt as it approaches and….like the good shoppers that we are, Jenica, Deirdre and myself got together to plot and plan for it. We started cleaning out our inventory, even finding our favorite platinumy dress from Elate, thinking that would so inspire our hunting. We worked hard. We were up all night, even had to order out for sandwiches and pickles (and caffeine, of course). We planned, and we plotted. We polished and we packed and we even pitched. When we were done, we sat back to admire our accomplishment…and we made a shocking discovery. We had an empty closet!!!! What will we do??

Going For The Platinum

Our luck is with us, as the Platinum Hunt is near! With this hunt approaching fast, we will soon be able to fill our empty shelves with lots of new goodies from many of our favorite designers from across the grid, approximently 100 of them. ISPACHI, DeeTaleZ, KMADD/MADesigns, Dahlinks Jewelry, Glam Affair, Magika, SIGMA Jewels, Gawk!, Exodi, Ducknipple, WoE, Swansong, TART, Mudhoney, Fall In, PIDIDDLE, Bliss Couture, *ICED* Jewelry, CaLLie Cline, Acid & Mala Creations, LiNe, !tarnished, Awesome Blossom, {what next}, HOC Industries, Mynerva, BLITZED, Diesel works, Cobrahive, Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry, Slutcookie, Dark Mouse, LoQ Hairs., KUNGLERS, Caroline’s Jewelry,Indyra Originals, LeeZu, Rockberry, fab.pony, FourSquares, Izzies, League, MonS, Berries Inc., paper.doll, LOULOU&CO, Luck Inc, Sissi HQ, SLink, [doll.], JCNY, RICIELLI, *Just Me*, Phoenix Rising, LacieCakes, :Fusion:, Fume’, mannequin, StoRin, ATOMIC, *Reale*, Tyranny Designs, CnS E-motion, Son!a, skream!, Ploom, * Deviance *, Indie Rose, Adam’N’Eve, The Plastik, BAIASTICE aDiva Couture, [si:n], GLITTERATI, Mustache, Cynful, Hucci, KHUSH, Heart & Sole, Boho, [dekade.], Purple Moon Creations, Barcode, Intrigue Co., Exile, -abode-, Nyte’N’Day, Rebel Hope Designs, iPoke Piercings, Vivaposes, Baffle!, Posh, *TuttiFrutti*, Candydoll, My Precious, Dernier Cri, HYPER CULTURE, Reek, Heartsick Skins and Digital Knickers each will have an item out for the hunt, running from Sunday, August 8 – August 31, priced at 10L. Each item is said to be not to difficult to find, and will include some info promoting mental health awareness. Make your plans now, get your inventory sorted, and get yourself some rest (I know we three need lots after all that hard work) so you’ll be ready to go for the Platinum too.

Hair: Catty and Deirdre – Truth, Jenica –SLink
Skin: Tuli
Dresses: Elate
Jewelry: Catty – Burroughs, Jenica – Dark Mouse
Eyes: Catty – Poetic Color, Deirdre and Jenica – Umedama Holic
Setting: Hucci (Former Gift)
Photography by Jenica Landar


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