Girlfriends Gone SPRY

New Years Blogging Resolution – Blog once a week. (In Cattyese, that means once a month and anything more then that, is a bonus. ) I have so many things I want to blog, and need to blog, and hope to blog…where to start? Jenica had promised to get her blogging flogging whip out for the weekend, but what do I get as soon as I log in Saturday?? Notices about SUYS and messages from Jeni about Skyboxes and the distraction begins!! She blames me for her buying the Reek skybox on Friday, but I get to blame her for the SPRY skybox.
She Made Me Do It

Of course, I found myself, along with Jeni, at this scrumptious SPRY skybox in this weeks SUYS event, and we knew Noami would love it too. We call Naomi thru group chat and soon, word gets out, and in no time our fellow groupies join us.

Girlfriends Be Quick

And then, even more came along.

Girlfriends Be Nimble

And even Reghan!!

Girlfriends Jumped on a Shopping Pick

As often happens when the Girlfriends gather, fun was had, and many of us went home with an yummy new home. Like everything else, I’m rather picky about houses and skyboxes. I don’t like feeling claustrophobic, and I don’t like the looks I get from a certain friend *glances over at Jeni* as she eyes seams and other bad texturing spots.As has been consistent with SPRY, there is nothing unpleasing about this house at all, it is definitely a must get, you never know when you’ll be needing a good skybox or wanting to change to something new. *encourages hoarding* You may think you’ve got enough skyboxes, but this one has a unique style, makes me dream of Italy or some warm place, it even has a great little patio where you could place a palm or two if you’re getting tired of the cold and snow.

Girlfriends Be Nimble
Girlfriends Be Quick
Girlfriends Jump On
A Shopping Pick

House – SPRY – SUYS Sale, this weekend only, a steal at 150L…go get it now!! (Furniture and accessories are not included)

Catty Wears
Hair – Truth – Valerie
Skin – Belleza – Erika – Group Gift
Shirt – Berries Inc – Mel Shirt
Jeans – Atomic – Bleached – Vintage
Shoes – Miel – Ant Flats
Poses – Oracul AO

Jenica Wears
Hair – SLink
Skin – Rockberry
Jacket – Sn@tch
Pants – Fore
Boots – Ducknipple
Poses – Oracul AO

Other Girlfriends – Misc


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