A New Cat on the Block – A KittyCatS Beta Testers Tale

The Cuddle

Make room for KittyCatS! …SL’s latest and greatest new breedable/petable. I was given the honor and pleasure of being one of the few beta testers for these amazing new critters…from day one…I was hooked. My experience with critters in SL has been rather limited…I’ve had friends with sniffing pet dogs and friends with chickens taking over their homes..and I spent a short time breeding bunnies about a year ago. I didn’t think I’d ever be captivated by any of the breedables, certainly. Boy, was I in for a surprise.


I first heard about these adorable cats on Harper’s blog a month or two ago, and immediately joined the KittyCatS Addicts group to wait patiently for news. The beta test began just after Christmas and the moment I let that first cat out of the bag (literally) I was hooked. My shop and platform are filled with cats that keep me company every day, greeting me whenever I land. The creators of the KittyCatS have done an amazing job, tho I do think they should include a warning of addiction with the cats. One great thing (yes, there are many) about these animals is that they have two options…you can choose to breed them, where they will require food and such, which is very exciting, waiting to see what new colors you get; or you can choose to make them pets…adding a Perma option that will allow you to keep them as pets that wont require food and won’t breed you out of house and home.

Crazy Cat Lady

The love and talent that has gone into the KittyCatS is apparent as soon as you land at the KittyCatS sim. You are greeted by wandering and posing adorable KittyCatS and you’ll immediately see how cute and carefully crafted they are. The designers have created a beautiful sim for KittyCatS and KittyCatS owners, where you can take your fave cat to roam and play. You can find all your kitty needs here too; beds for your cats, even trash cans for the more troublesome ones to get into..and of course all the food and other necessary breeding supplies. When you make your purchase and take them home, you’ll know your in for some fun when you see the cute little bag they come in. Rez the bag, let your new lovable KittyCatS out, choose names, set their home location and roaming area, set out some food if you are choosing to go the breeding route (you gotta try that at least once!!!) and you’re good to go. When you watch them roam about your home, you’ll find yourself captively watching them for hours. You’ll afk and return to them pawing at you, just waiting for some attention. You can interact with them too, but don’t be surprised if, at your request for attention, they give you a little cat attitude before they give in for a cuddle. You’ll swear they have their own personality and you’ll soon love them as much as I have come to.

KittyCatS Catty and Boomer

The KittyCatS official release date hasn’t been given yet, but word is it will be this week. If you want to see more and can’t wait, you can join the KittyCatS Addicts group, you’ll find it on my profile, and attend the group preview Wednesday morning.

KittyCatS Sim

Cats – KittyCatS
Locations – Personal Home, and KittyCatS Sim

Catty – Hair – Truth, Maitreya
Clothes – Fri.day, Maitreya, League, Zaara, Berries Inc, Miel
Skin – Belleza, Adam n Eve, Tuli


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