OMG Group Space LOVE!!!!

By now, anyone that doesn’t know LL made good on their promise and gave us new group space has been living under a rock, or maybe is like me and is living under several feet of snow and has their head spinning with all the fun and exciting things going on everywhere. As I often am known to say…Better late then never. If you are not aware of the new group space, check your favorite viewer, you may need to update, and start adding!!! Do note however, that some viewers may still say 25, but will add to 42. We now have a limit of 42….I wonder tho how soon before we are asking for even more!

Group Love 2

With the new group space, of course, new groups are cropping up left and right. A few are must haves, regardless of how much of a shopper/fashionista/spender/thrifter you are. One is Elika’s new group, we all know and love Elika hair so yes, everyone on the grid should be in this group. She’s been a favorite of mine since my first days in SL…4 years ago I remember discovering The Quad and attending their Valentine Hunt. She then had ETD, which still takes up a good chunk of my inventory space, then later left for whatever reason, and recently returned (of which I’m still gleeing and delighting over) , creating under her new label, Elikatira. Immediately upon reading this you should head directly to Elikatira if you have not been there already, do some hair shopping, and shoes too, and join the group ([elikatira] VIPs – 250L Group Join Fee) where you’ll want to check notices for goodies, and also you’ll get a discount in the store on previous gifts. The color shown here is part of the VIP Collection colors, which has not only a black, which I usually wear, it has a few others too, exclusive to the group gifts, including this pale blond (White 06), which I’ve been wearing at the suggestion of a dear friend that thought I should try a short blond for awhile.

Group Love 1

I love a red lip, and have been having fun with this Valentine’s Day Group gift skin from Glam Affair (Glam Affair Updates – 30L Join Fee) tho it did take some lip tweaking to make it work so I was happy with it. I haven’t in the past had much luck “fitting” their skins, but this gift (Eve) could tempt me into more, I like its softness, which for me balances out the dramatic liners I don’t often wear, and of course, I do love the red. The shirt, a find I found last night while visiting Magoa and their neighbor/partner stores, who all share a group (Peqe, Magoa & Orion Update Group) and thought it went great with one of my fave jeans from Maitreya for a neutral look to make that red even more red. After I got myself all sorted, I found myself on a pose stand from one of my most fave posemakers, again, who also has a group worth belonging to, Diesel Works (Diesel Works – 250L Join Fee), where you’ll get a discount on packs and other specials and gifts. There are a few other must join groups I’ll talk about another time.

Credits :

Hair – Elikatira – Early (VIP Collection) – Current Group Gift (2/9/11)
Skin – Glam Affair – Eva Valentine Gift – Current Group Gift (2/11/11)
Eyes – Poetic Color – Night Rain
Shirt – Peqe – Messy Navaho – Silver – Current Group Gift (in store)
Jeans – Maitreya – Rolled Skinny Jeans
Shoes – Miel – Ant Flats
Poses – Diesel Works – Clover Pack – Group Discount


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