Skin Fair 2011 – Oops, Tuli Did it Again

There’s still plenty of time for Skin Fair shopping!!! Skin Fair 2011 runs thru March 6, this coming Sunday, so don’t delay too much longer. One of my most all time fave designers, Tuli, has once again give us new yumminess. Zoe, has been released at Skin Fair, and I’ve been aiming to get her blogged since it began. I do think Zoe may be Tuli’s best work to date. I know, I’ve said this before about her skins, but, she just keeps exceeding herself and pushing for better and better.

Tuli Zoe

Shown here, is the Fair skin tone, in all the pics. All pics are untouched, but for some masking to show the multiple layers as SL was not cooperating when I was trying to use Viewer2 and Firestorm. I usually like to show my fave make ups, but, with the multiple layers offered in the Zoe pack, I just didn’t have the time to fill the feeds with all those pics! So I settled for a couple that stood out for me. I took some of the pics a weekish ago, and some today, and later noticed I had done the same makeup, but, with different lip and brow options, so I left it at that, to show some of the many options you’ll get. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count up all the possiblities. There are freckle layers, brows, eyelashes and 12, yes, 12 lip layer options!

Tuli Zoe Quickie

Tuli Zoe Purity Rosebud

Tuli Zoe Vogue Kiss

I chose some favorite hair, from favorite designer Elika at Elikatira, as I’m still in glee over her return. Also, another favorite, Zaara, a designer one can never go wrong with or tire of. Some of her items are my most repeatedly worn clothing.

Credits :
Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2011 (Thru Sunday, March 6, 2011)
Hair – Elikatira – Rumor, Later
Lingerie, Shirt – Zaara – Kanti Lingerie – Silver, Yauvani Tank – Snow
Skin – Tuli – Zoe – Fair – Bare, Purity, Vogue with Black Brow, Ruin, Rosebud and Kiss Lips
Boots – Bax – Prestige Boots – Black Suede
Eyes – Poetic Color – Night Rain
Poses – Everglow


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