Look Of The Other Day – Zaara, League and Elikatira did it to me.

I started this post days ago, when Zaara released a yummy new shirt I had to have, and League did it too. And then Elikatira added to it with her new group gift hair. The pics I got done, but they sat there, waiting, and RL took over. Rather then move on to other newness, I decided to dub them my “Look Of The Other Day” pics and go ahead and finish the blog, as all the above designers, and their new items, are just too good not to get a bit of blog space.

LOTOD - League

On Friday, of last week, I was delighted to see Elika drop a new gift hair on her VIP group. I delighted even more, to see it was an adorable short style, which immediately went to the top of my list of “best short styles ever”. I thought it went great with the new League shirt and skirt released the same day. It’d been much too long since League had released any new clothes so I was quite excited to see this great shirt, I love the ties (it has another optional one also) and the ruffle. I anticipate I will be wearing all of these items often this spring and upcoming summer.

LOTOD - Zaara2

Thursday, was another exciting day, when I saw on Flickr that Zaara had released some new tops. I thought I’d avoid going over there, but then Jeni did her enabling thing and next thing I knew, the neutrals pack was in my inventory! It was inevitable, as I know it is that the other packs will also someday find their way to my inventory too. Zaara may have outdone herself with this top, the detail, the shading, the flowers, all so yummy. I love the top with my fave Zaara pants, tho I did decide to mix up the colors of the top a bit.

LOTOD - Zaara1

I’ve a feeling RL is going to be calling again soon, so best get this post finished before it does, and before all those upcoming April events sneak up, and all those yummy designers release more newness, and I find myself with more blogging to do. *slowly chisels away at her Blogging folder and hits the publish button*

Skin – Tuli – Zoe – Pale – Ruin, Makeup – Lips – Ruin
Hair – Elikatira – Comfort(VIP Collection) – Current Group Gift (3/25/11), Hye –
Cothes – Pic 1: League – Shirt – Spring Frill Neck Camisole -Red, Skirt – Buttoned Corduroy Mini -Black
Pic 2: Zaara – Shirt – Zayba Cross Top – Sand, (with Flower attachment from same shirt in Kohl), Pants – Ishaya Velour Slacks – Black
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Frozen Silver
Poses – Diesel Works – Various
Shoes – Zaara – Ilaida Mojri


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