Let’s Get Digital!!

Berry started it. (See Strawberry Singh’s Body challenge) Jeni did it. (See earlier post on this blog) I decided to do it too! *Hums along to Olivia Newton John in her head* There is even a Flickr group, as everyone’s body talks in digits. I do believe that yes, this is a conspiracy to get the Grid in their next to nothings, but who am I to argue against that?

Catty Digits

I rummaged around and found one of my most luscious lingerie sets, from Zaara, and out came the camera. I have this Kanti set in a range of colors, because of course, my motto with Zaara, and a handful of other designers is “Just buy the Fat Pack” cuz you know you’ll not be able to stop at just one option! Maybe its the late hour, but the red suited my mood for tonight.

Catty Papered

Earlier tonight, while putting together some pics for a post about the Fri.day Spring Sale, on thru the 17th, I heard a rumor that Elika had new hair out, and off I went to check it out, grabbing Jeni along since I knew she’d be wanting it as much as I. I’m also realizing I need an Elika motto – “Just skip the demos and go straight to the Essentials Collection” It wasn’t long before I was rushing off home to put on my new hair, I love it! I wonder which of us will be yanking the other off to the next release! If I manage to get some sleep before I have to get the MiniMe up for school, hopefully I’ll get some pics done showing off my favorite vest and some other Fri.day things to enable some shopping during this too good to miss sale.

Skin – Tuli – Zoe – Fair – Bare, Makeup Pic 1 – Lips – Rosebud, Pic 2 – Lips – Ruin, Brows – Black
Hair – Elikatira – Later – Essentials Collection – Black 04, Paper – Essentials Collection – Black 04
Lingerie – Zaara – Kanti Set – Crimson
Shirts – Fri.day – Basic Cami – White, Halter Vest – Black
Eyes – Curio – Tragic Eyes – Dark Brown – Shine
Poses – Glitterati – Head Shots, Everglow – Various


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