A Friday Shopping Quicky with Fri.day and League

Shopping!!! Friday is often a fun day for shopping in SL. Today was one of those days. I love my purchases so thought I’d do a quicky post to share them. It’s been a busy RL day, so quicky hasn’t been as quick as I’d hoped but…quicker then it usually is when it comes to my kind of quickies!

Friday Shopping

First thing I always do on a Friday is check the Fifty Linden Friday list. I delighted today to see some favorite shopping stops on it, and immediately found myself on AutoTP to Fri.day. I grabbed up the Low.rise jeans, in a special color for the sale, for I’ve been wearing another color lately and loving them, and knew I had to have these too. I love the light color, just perfect for spring. If you don’t get a chance to get them for the FLF sale, they are definitely worth grabbing in another color, especially while they are still on the Spring Sale….half price!!…thru the 17th. Next, I was off to League. There, I was totally distracted by a new release!! The new Ribbon Tied Tank in Sunny immediately got my attention and found its way to my inventory. I am loving it, the prim ties all fit with only placement adjustments, and I love how it looks with my new jeans. The longer I wore the tank, and jeans, the more I loved both. There were new shorts there too, but as I’m in a RL Winter Storm today, I’m just not in the mood today for bared legs, but I’m sure they’ll eventually find their way to my inventory as well as a celebratory blog post.

Catty Squishy

The rest of my day was spent lounging around with some of my KittyCatS (Sprout and Sugarplum shown here) while RL kept me well distracted with only intermittent SL time. If you’re in the Glitterati VIP group, you should find a comfy lounging-around-all-day-on-a-snowy-Friday Squishy Sofa in the group notices. If you’re not in the group, you certainly should get in there, this group is well worth the joining fee.
Skin – Tuli – Zoe – Sunkissed – Purity
Hair – Elikatira – Theory – Essentials Collection – Brown 08, Later – Essentials Collection – Brown 08
Shirts – League – Ribbon Tied Tanktop – Sunny
Jeans – Fri.day – Low.rise Jeans – Faded – Fifty Linden Friday
Shoes – Miel – Ant Flats – Nero
Eyes – Curio – Tragic Eyes – Dark Brown – Shine
Sprout and Sugarplum – KittyCatS
Poses – Glitterati – Various Stands, Squishy Sofa – VIP Group Gift (4/14/2011 – Join Fee)


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