Culture Shock 2011– Peeking at Acid & Mala and Miao

Event Organizer Keira Seerose and Chic Management’s latest project, Culture Shock 2011 kicks off May 1, and will run thru May 22, 2011. Approximently 174 designers will be releasing new items, with a 50-100% of their sales going to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).  The event is sponsored by Modavia and promisses to be an event you wont want to miss.

Lost at Culture Shock and need to find where you’re at? – Culture Shock 2011 Map

Need to quickly get on AutoTP to your favorite stores at Culture Shock? – Culture Shock SLURLS List

Opens Midday Sunday, May 1, SLT.

CS2011 - Acid & Mala and Miao

When I saw the donation items from Acid & Mala, I immediately fell in love with the bright colors, and the peasant look, which I always love any day.  You can get varying packages, and mix and match for different looks.  For the shorter top, I thought of my old favorite skirt from PixelDolls, and I love how they fit together, but it works great with the coordinating skirt, and would be great with shorts or jeans for a casual look. I also liked the full dress look for a very festive summery feel. All the items are available in other great color combinations also. The jewelry is from Miao, and is also available at Culture Shock.  It comes scripted for various colors of both metal and stone, so you can tailor it to your preference, if you can manage to choose from all the great options. I loved how the reds matched perfectly with my outfits, I don’t often accessorize in SL, usually because I’m accessory lazy and never take the time to find what works with what (I have much the same issue with shoes and tend to wear the same ones over and over in basic blacks, or stay barefoot, as I am here) so I was delighted to find it so easily matched like it was all meant to be.

CS2011 - Acid & Mala and Miao 2

Remember, it doesn’t open til Midday, Sunday May 1st, so you still have time as of the posting of this, to prepare a bit, which is always a good idea for events where there will likely be more lag then anything.  You may even want to wait a day or so before trying to get in, but when you do, do the usual primming down your AV, tweaking your viewer, and boosting your ‘puter.

Credits :

Hair – Elikatira – About – Essentials Collection – Brown 08, Past – Essentials Collection – Black 04, Want – Essentials Collection – Red 08
Skin – Tuli – Gina – Tan – Equinox, Make Up – Lips – Sienna
Top – Acid & Mala –  Boho Chic Mini Top – Orange-Red, Boho Chic Shirt – Orange+Red  (For Culture Shock – Available May 1)
Skirts – PixelDolls – 2811 Long Black Velvet Skirt, Boho Long Skirt – Orange+Red (For Culture Shock – Available May 1)
Jewelry – Miao – Journey Bangle Bracelet, Lila Earrings (For Culture Shock – Available May 1)
Eyes –  Poetic Colors – Dark Wood
Poses – Glitterati – Various Stands


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