Home & Garden Expo 2011

Second Life’s RFL events of 2011 continue with the annual Home & Garden Expo. The event began Friday, and runs through Sunday the 22nd. This year, 117 designers will be showing off their wares on 10 sims. Each designer has something new and/or specially created for RFL, and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the donation.

Imagine 10 Sims filled with some of the best SL has to offer for home and garden related builds, and you have the 2011 Home and Garden Expo. You can wander from vendor to vendor, checking ot each designers donation items – each offers an item or more, for donation for RFL. Take time to explore the builds, wander around and enjoy, or even move in for the duration (that is if you can choose a favorite spot!).

Home Expo

Home Expo is loaded not only with lush garden and inviting home builds, but events to keep everyone entertained. There are various classes offered thru Builder’s Brewery if you’d like to wet your toes with building. Each day offers a line up of various musicians and DJ’s, sure to guarantee music to suit everyones taste at one time or another. There is a Scavenger Hunt for those that like that type of thing, with items donated by various vendors, and a donation price of 25L for each of your finds.

There is less then a week left, so don’t wait much longer to get over and enjoy some of this to good to miss event, and once you go you’ll likely want to go back again and again so as not to miss a thing. You’ll not only feel better by giving back, but you’ll just feel better spending time in the atmosphere provided by some of Second Life’s most talented designers.

2011 Exhibitor List
Vendor Sale Preview List
RFL of Second Life
Schedule of Classes
Music Line-Up
Scavenger Hunt Starting Point


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