The Loony Cat is 5!!!!

Some days I just can’t seem to figure what to blog, even with my long list of things I want to blog. Today it was easy as soon as I realized it is my 5th Rez Day, I decided to dig out some old pics and have a look back. I love looking back, reminiscing about the “good ol’ days, what a perfect excuse to do it and get a post done too! It’s also a good time to appreciate what we have in SL, and how far we’ve come, even thru all the heartache, crashes, prim hair up our butts, and changes thrown at us by LL whether we like them or not.

Catty 5 Days Old

I remember this day, I was just 5 days old, I’d found a couple shops that offered boxes of freebies and camp-for-item chairs (awesome belly ring that sticks thru shirt). I had a cool new shirt, a really sexy skin with a tatt even, and omg the hair! I loved the hair, and I hadn’t even found prim hair yet!! I spent my first year making friends around lucky chairs and classrooms, some who are still with me and I consider very dear real world friends, exploring and growing my addiction. Hey Girlfriend! was born that year too (yes groupies – you’re getting OLD too!!)

Catty Loon

About a year into SL, after having spent the first year in TWO make up options of ONE carefully chosen skin, my skin, hair, clothes etc addictions were well under way, thanks to Elika, Naughty Designs, Last Call and Another Fundraiser. My picture addiction was born about then too, as this was the very first time I just had to try to take a good pic to share on Flickr and I’m still learning how to make better pics and sharing along the way.

Catty @ 5

Today, I find myself still in love with SL, tho often finding I have to work hard to keep it working in all aspects *grumbles at Elika, Onyx and others that are trying so hard to convert her to the MESHside*. My Top 10 List of Fave Everythings grows and grows, as does my addiction to it all. I am sure there is much much more to be discovered out there, so I’ll keep looking, and no doubt bloggybuddy Jenica will keep whipping, the designers will keep designing, the groupies will keep groping and I’ll find more and more joys to be had in SL.

I wonder where we will all be in another 5 years!

Credits and Stuff :
Just a couple of my most meaningful favorites, both old and new all at once even, of which a pic for today wouldn’t seem right without because I blog what I love and I love this stuff and the designers that created them. Note – this is by all means not ALL that I love, that’d be way too many pics!
Skin – Adam n Eve – Natalie – Natural – Burlesque
Shirt – Suicidal Unborn – Lolita Long Tank – Black
Hair – Elikatira – Locked (MESH) – Black 04
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Classic – Deep Dream
Piercing – LouLou – Addiction (old favorite, may not still be available)
Poses – Diesel Works – Scarlett

Song Obsession of the Moment


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