The Hair Fair Taxi – At Your Service!!! Grab a Friend and Shop!!

My absolute favorite event of the year has begun! Hair Fair 2012 is here!!!!! The year went by way too fast, and offered a few RL shake ups that helped to remind me that family is always first, so I’m not able to participate, this year, as a designer….but that hasn’t stopped me from loving Hair Fair, nor from getting all excited about it!

HF Taxi Service

First thing I noticed when I finally got to visit Hair Fair a few days after it had begun…was this Ride a Prim “Taxi” thing! Even before I noticed the hair shops and layout, I saw this. Is it new this year? I think so, at least, it’s new to me, but I admit, I’m not always the most observant owl in the forest. I’d gone over to Hair Fair with partner in shopping and blogging, , seeing that you could tempRez a prim for one, two, or four, I immediately rezzed a prim for two and insisted she hop on the taxi too! I remember at my very first Hair Fair, back in 2007…being one of the lucky first to get in, it was so laggy, and there were prims rezzed which we could sit on and taxi ourselves around much easier then trying to walk. While I haven’t found this years Hair Fair to be laggy, I still think this is a great way to shop with friends! More events should do this, I love it!.


Hair Fair 2012 is on now thru Sunday, July 29, so don’t delay if you haven’t already been there. Go soon, get your demos from the Demo Group if you want to shop at home, then go over and find yourself lots and lots of new hair! Each participating designer has three to five styles, each with a portion of the sale going to Wigs For Kids, Hair Fair’s charity of choice. Grab your friends, appoint one the taxi driver, and go buy new hair now!!!!!

Hair Fair Links You’ll Need:
Wigs for Kids – Go here to find out all about those that Hair Fair 2012 helps.
The Official Hair Fair Blog – Go here for a full list of sims and stores.
The Hair Fair Demo Group – Join this to try all the demos before going to Hair Fair so you’ll know what to buy when you get there.
Seraphim SL Gallery Listing – This amazing blog shows you all that Hair Fair has to offer, if you’re time limited, it’ll be a great help.

Hair Fair 2012 Items – Catty – Nushru – Botanical Pigtails – I Am Cheery – Hair Fair Gift, Jenica – Pr!tty – Live Free – Brown Pack

Other Items
Skins – Glam Affair – Giselle, Glam Affair – Leah (With Mock Makeup)
Shirts – Sn@tch, LouLou
Pants – Zaara
Boots – SLink
Eyes – Mayfly, Insufferable Dastard


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