Getting Meshed Up with ColdLogic and the Girlfriends

I’m late! Better late then never is my motto…well, one of many. Awhile back, ColdLogic had a sale, and the Girlfriends went shopping!!!! I had planned to get this post done during the sale, so all could be encouraged to go over there and buy. But, I’m slow. Groupies Jeni and Anne Daumig and I headed on over to see what goodies we couldn’t live without.

Three Shopping

And after wearing these things for a few days, I’ve come to realize it doesn’t matter if it is a sale, or not, everyone needs ColdLogic!!! I’ve been a slow, resistant convert to Mesh clothing, ColdLogic has done some serious conversion on me with their styles. The styles are classy and wearable, I love the various separates most because I love being able to mix and match, get extra colors for different moods, and get so much more wear and enjoyment from it. I grabbed the Heche/Early top in various colors, and like the other shirt shown here, I know I’ll be back for more, I should have fatpacked!

ColdLogic  Pair

The detail put into the wrinkles and shaping, as well as shading is so realistic, I want these in RL. The Dailey trousers I can’t stop wearing, I believe they may have the nicest behind side of any pants yet on the grid. I’m hoping they do a lot more pant type things in the future! The Kipp top, shown here in white (and the Gertz top, their naming confuses me, as they seem to name color groups of the same item differently which gives my brain just too much to think about – I try to unconfuse myself by putting both names on both folders so I can pretend I know what I’m doing lol), are both also my new favorite shirts! I love how clean and well made they are, and the peek-a-boo back is so subtly seductive, its irresistible.

ColdLogic Catty

A note too, about this new hair from DeLa. I don’t know how I missed that they were making hair now, but I’m so glad they are! I love it, have more styles on my list to get yet, and can’t wait to see what more they make. Get on over there too, to check them out, after you visit ColdLogic and get your fall wardrobe off to a good start. Now that this post is finally together after two weeks of compiling, I’m ready to go check out the newest release from ColdLogic, just out yesterday, so watch here for more!!! And too, let me know if there are any new places I should check out, as well as other new, fun, old, interesting places, venues, shops, etc I should explore!!

Credits and Other Important Stuff :
Jeni and Catty
Earrings – Jeni – Maxi Gossamer , by Maxi Gossamer
Skin – Jeni – Glam Affair – Leah, by Aida Ewing, Catty – Glam Affair – Cassiopea – Jamaica – Tesea D, by Aida Ewing
Lipstick – Catty – Mock – May Lipcolor – Shiraz, by Mocksoup Graves
Top – Jeni – ColdLogic – Hache – Pitch, by ColdLogic, Catty – ColdLogic – Early – White, by ColdLogic
Skirt – ColdLogic – Buckley – Coal, by ColdLogic
Hair – DeLa – Amanda – Black, by Kuranosuke Kamachi
Shoes – Jeni – SLink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots, by Siddean Munro, Catty – Bax – Prestige Boots – Black, by Bax Coen
Eyes – Jeni – Insufferable Dastard , by Audrey Lamede, Catty – Poetic Colors – Lava Dust
Poseball – Status Poses – Besties (Old Gift), by Gidge Uriza

Skin – Glam Affair – Cassiopea – Jamaica – Tesea D, by Aida Ewing
Lipstick – Dutch Touch – Yri – Serie A Nr 8, by Iki Ikarus
Top – ColdLogic – Kipp – Blanca, by ColdLogic
Trouser – ColdLogic – Dailey – Coal, by ColdLogic
Hair – DeLa – Amanda – Black, by Kuranosuke Kamachi
Shoes – GField – Strap Shoes Alex – Patent Black, by Cerberus Noel
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Lava Dust, by Nano Ling
Poses – Diesel Works – Destiny, by Rogan Diesel


Catty Does a Post!!!!

Just when you thought it was safe…..

Summer is over, tho it really doesn’t feel like that is possible. My MiniMe has gone back to school, and it’s time to start trying to get things done again at home, and in SL. The summers brought a lot of surprises, from almost losing my only brother, to a week spent at Sturgis during Rally (and another at Lake Superior) and even some new family horses, all of which reminded me just how important it is we make the best of each day we have, and to reach out for that which we love, and to not be so afraid to speak our feelings.


Vintage Fair has begun while I wasn’t looking, and Reghan of Hatpins has created a pair of earrings I’ve not wanted to take off since she sent them to me. They are so well constructed, perfectly detailed and oh-so-touchable, as always with Hatpins, and go with a multitude of different looks and era styles. Vintage Fair ends soon so if you haven’t been over there, it is a must see, many things there a girl, or guy, with a fashion interest, must have.


When I initially decided I just had to blog these earrings since I love them so much, I didn’t know what to choose to wear with them as the possibilities are endless, and I just haven’t been out much this summer getting new things. So, I started out naked, when in doubt, skin always works!! But before the camera pulled away from me for a full shot, I’d found myself in a yummy, glittery evening out dress from Kyoot. I love a short little black dress, or red, or pretty much any other color…but I do need to step out of my own box a bit and find more dressy things, any suggestions where I should shop? It’s time for some new adventures and new passions in the worlds I love. See you soon! XOXO

Credits and Other Important Stuff :
Earrings – Hatpins – What Wrought Earrings – Jet (Vintage Fair)
Skin – Glam Affair – Leah – Spring Breeze
Dress – Kyoot – He Loves Me Best
Hair – Truth – Rhonda – Night
Shoes – Maitreya Gold – IXkin – Black
Eyes – Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye – Molasses
Poses – Diesel Works – Various
Background and Pose Stand – Tillie’s

The Hair Fair Taxi – At Your Service!!! Grab a Friend and Shop!!

My absolute favorite event of the year has begun! Hair Fair 2012 is here!!!!! The year went by way too fast, and offered a few RL shake ups that helped to remind me that family is always first, so I’m not able to participate, this year, as a designer….but that hasn’t stopped me from loving Hair Fair, nor from getting all excited about it!

HF Taxi Service

First thing I noticed when I finally got to visit Hair Fair a few days after it had begun…was this Ride a Prim “Taxi” thing! Even before I noticed the hair shops and layout, I saw this. Is it new this year? I think so, at least, it’s new to me, but I admit, I’m not always the most observant owl in the forest. I’d gone over to Hair Fair with partner in shopping and blogging, , seeing that you could tempRez a prim for one, two, or four, I immediately rezzed a prim for two and insisted she hop on the taxi too! I remember at my very first Hair Fair, back in 2007…being one of the lucky first to get in, it was so laggy, and there were prims rezzed which we could sit on and taxi ourselves around much easier then trying to walk. While I haven’t found this years Hair Fair to be laggy, I still think this is a great way to shop with friends! More events should do this, I love it!.


Hair Fair 2012 is on now thru Sunday, July 29, so don’t delay if you haven’t already been there. Go soon, get your demos from the Demo Group if you want to shop at home, then go over and find yourself lots and lots of new hair! Each participating designer has three to five styles, each with a portion of the sale going to Wigs For Kids, Hair Fair’s charity of choice. Grab your friends, appoint one the taxi driver, and go buy new hair now!!!!!

Hair Fair Links You’ll Need:
Wigs for Kids – Go here to find out all about those that Hair Fair 2012 helps.
The Official Hair Fair Blog – Go here for a full list of sims and stores.
The Hair Fair Demo Group – Join this to try all the demos before going to Hair Fair so you’ll know what to buy when you get there.
Seraphim SL Gallery Listing – This amazing blog shows you all that Hair Fair has to offer, if you’re time limited, it’ll be a great help.

Hair Fair 2012 Items – Catty – Nushru – Botanical Pigtails – I Am Cheery – Hair Fair Gift, Jenica – Pr!tty – Live Free – Brown Pack

Other Items
Skins – Glam Affair – Giselle, Glam Affair – Leah (With Mock Makeup)
Shirts – Sn@tch, LouLou
Pants – Zaara
Boots – SLink
Eyes – Mayfly, Insufferable Dastard

Home & Garden Expo 2012 – Run, Don’t Walk!

It’s one of my favorite times of year in SL, a time when (just like I do in RL) I get so excited by all the pretty new houses and gardens and just wish I could move in to all of them. It’s Home & Garden Expo time! Sadly, this event is much much too short, for as big as it is, and for as much as there is to see and do, there is just never enough time. Tomorrow, the 28th, will be the last day for this years Expo, so drop what you are doing now, and run, don’t walk, there. I’d originally planned to do several postings, with the theme of “moving in” to builds so compelling I’d no choice but to just…move in. As usual, my hopes were much larger and more extravagant then I could pull off, and stuff happened, and I missed a few days, and then I managed to spend a day or two taking many many pics for putting into some posts. RL plans were to visit family for an extended holiday week, so I tuned up the ol laptop so I could blog while away, saved my pics to a jump drive, and we hit the highway for the big city. I guess its time I get with the times, as I should have saved the pics to a cloud or some such, as it turns out, the drive was corrupt, and I am miles away from my PC, and…my pics of the lovely Expo!!! I apologize to all the builders and designers at Expo, for I am unable to show any pics of their amazing and captivating creations this year. Everyone must take my word for it, and trust that it is worth the time, and the inevitable lag, to go spend some time (and Lindens) at this years Expo. I also suggest you peek back at earlier postings on this blog, Jeni’s got some beautiful pics of Expo to give you some temptation and encouragement.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Home & Garden Expo benefits RFL, and that many of the best designers have special items out for their donation items, but I’ll tell you again. I don’t know how many there are for sure, but there are 14 sims full of them. At this late date, I’d suggest you quickly check the Sim Listing page and pick your favorites and head on over. Turn your graphic settings down low, de-script yourself, dress comfortably, grab your beverage of choice and get power shopping now. Expo ends tomorrow, so seriously, Run! Don’t Walk! Run! Immediately! I’ll be back home in a few days, so keep an eye on my flickr and I’ll get a few of my favorite pics posted there.

Some of the places Catty moved into during Expo week, in no particular order:
Dutchies, Rustica, Insight Designs, L2 Studio, What Next, Sway’s, Windowshopping with Neva Crystall, New Trails, Organica, HomeKraft, Tether’s End, Funky Junk, Thistle, Abiss, Weather! or Not?, Trompe Loleil, Barnesworth Anubis, Hanaya, Interior Addiction, Cheeky Pea, Second Spaces, Mudhoney, Clutter, reBourne, Alchemy Immortalis, True North, Leezu, KittyCats and sooooo many more that I didn’t get time to look at. Make notes, as I did, and make sure to visit the main stores after the Expo.

Have a great holiday if you’re in the US, and a great day if you’re not, and see you at these shops, or others, soon! Say hi if you see me out and about, you just might find yourself in a future blog post!!

Links you’ll need for Expo

Home & Garden Expo Official Blog – You’ll find maps, and much more here
DreamSeeker Estates – Expo Underwriters – That means without them, nothing. These people are amazing, they do so much for us all. See them for all your land needs.
Sim Maps and Listings – You’ll need this for power shopping.
Preview Pics of Exclusive Donation items you will want to get while you can.
RFL Official Site – More amazing people doing amazing things.
RFL of SL Blog (Includes a listing of events happening)

Girlfriends Gone Shopping!! Starting 2012 on the Right Foot with Skins!!

Catty Got Harper'd

With the holidays over, it’s time to settle back into SL, get some blogging, shopping, sorting, socializing, etc done. I was delighted on Saturday to hear that Hey Girlfriend!’s very own talented Sachi had worked her artistic magic again, this time with a delicious new skin named after our lovely Harper. Jeni and I rushed right over to try it out. Sachi, being the sweetie she is, has a gift set out, so when you demo Harper, you’ll get some yummy make ups.

HG - Jeni Haz Skillz

As you may notice, our Jeni was so excited about it all that she just had to show us some of her many talents, with a little help from the goofy grid.

HG - Got Shoes?

Earlier in the day someone in the group mentioned shoes. I’ve been looking around for new shoes and boots lately so I tp’d along to SLink. I hate shoes, RL and SL, I’m so finicky when it comes to look, color, fit etc I just could pull out my prim hair. The grid was giving me grief, so I haven’t yet been able to try on demos, but I did grab a nice pile to try on when I can. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some SLink shoes here in the near future, I do love their quality.

HG-SLink2 - Catty and Jeni

It was so fun to see a few Girlfriends out, tho I wasn’t able to get pics of others that showed up, I did of course get Jeni and I, as well as AmazingGrace as she was slinking behind the shoe display.

HG-SLink3 - AmazingGrace

We really do need to get the group out having more fun…and hopefully, you’ll get to see some of us here in the blog as we adventure about. And maybe even I’ll have shoes on…if I find some new ones. Back to shopping and whatnot, see you again soon. Oh, and have a very delightful New Year!!!

Catty Wears :
Skin – Adam n Eve – Harper – Natural (SLink Pics – Sneak Peak of upcoming Natalie at Adam n Eve, stay tuned for more on this skin, it’s another masterpiece.)
Make Up Layer – Adam n Eve – Sparkle Make Up Gift 1
Shirt – League – Short Tank Top – Army
Jeans – League – Zipped Leather Pants – Faded Black
Hair – Elikatira – Early – Black 06
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Molten Chocolate
Poses – Diesel Works – Clover (Oracul AO)

For more info on what others might be wearing, see Flickr, where I have tried to tag what I can.

Psst – Don’t Tell, It’s a Secret!

Saturday I woke to a delightful rumor….I had to go check it immediately, and …it was true! A sale at Elikatira!!! Be still my hair lovin heart!!! I fondly remember many an Elika sale, fighting the lag, stocking up on all the missing hairstyles to complete my collections. What a fun way to start a holiday weekend!!! Before I knew it, hair packs were dropping in my inventory! I’ve no idea which I’ll wear first!!! I saw Jeni log in and sent her a TP (I didn’t tell her the secret) so she could come have some shopping fun too!

Girlfriends Got Secrets

Don’t tell anyone where you heard it from but, if you love hair, and if you love Elika (and who doesn’t love both?) then get yourself over to Elikatira ASAP, the Secret Sale ends Monday night at Midnight. You seriously will be kicking yourself it you don’t. My Fave Essentials pack is on sale for 90L, regular color packs are 80L, and the Everything pack is 440L. I was there early, there wasn’t much lag, but that may not be the case the rest of the weekend, so plan ahead and dress down, both yourself and your viewer. You might also want to purchase the demos on Marketplace to save time, and make a list of the ones you want to buy when you get to the store.

Secret About

Secret Past

Secret Want

I snapped a few quick shots in a random sampling of the hairs I got today, and no doubt I’ll be back for more, I’ve got my list ready! Stop reading and get over there and check some hairstyles off your list!!! But shhhh…don’t tell!!! Remember, its a secret!

Credits :
Hair – Elikatira – About – Essentials Collection – Brown 08, Past – Essentials Collection – Black 04, Want – Essentials Collection – Red 08
Skin – Tuli – Gina – Tan – Equinox, Make Up – Lips – Sienna
Shirts – League – Ribbon Tied Tanktop – Sunny, Surf Co. – Hermana Tank – Black
Jeans – Ladies Who Lunch – Billie Jeans – Vintage
Shoes – Miel – Ant Flats – Nero
Eyes – A.D.D Andel– Love Affair Eyes – Ice Lights, Poetic Colors – Dark Wood
AO’s – Oracul
Poses – Reasonable Desires Poses – Various Stands

Jenica wears – Hair – Elikatira, Skin – Tuli – Zoe, Shirt – Sn@tch, Jeans – LWL, Eyes – Umedama Holic, Feet – SLink.

Girlfriends Gone SPRY

New Years Blogging Resolution – Blog once a week. (In Cattyese, that means once a month and anything more then that, is a bonus. ) I have so many things I want to blog, and need to blog, and hope to blog…where to start? Jenica had promised to get her blogging flogging whip out for the weekend, but what do I get as soon as I log in Saturday?? Notices about SUYS and messages from Jeni about Skyboxes and the distraction begins!! She blames me for her buying the Reek skybox on Friday, but I get to blame her for the SPRY skybox.
She Made Me Do It

Of course, I found myself, along with Jeni, at this scrumptious SPRY skybox in this weeks SUYS event, and we knew Noami would love it too. We call Naomi thru group chat and soon, word gets out, and in no time our fellow groupies join us.

Girlfriends Be Quick

And then, even more came along.

Girlfriends Be Nimble

And even Reghan!!

Girlfriends Jumped on a Shopping Pick

As often happens when the Girlfriends gather, fun was had, and many of us went home with an yummy new home. Like everything else, I’m rather picky about houses and skyboxes. I don’t like feeling claustrophobic, and I don’t like the looks I get from a certain friend *glances over at Jeni* as she eyes seams and other bad texturing spots.As has been consistent with SPRY, there is nothing unpleasing about this house at all, it is definitely a must get, you never know when you’ll be needing a good skybox or wanting to change to something new. *encourages hoarding* You may think you’ve got enough skyboxes, but this one has a unique style, makes me dream of Italy or some warm place, it even has a great little patio where you could place a palm or two if you’re getting tired of the cold and snow.

Girlfriends Be Nimble
Girlfriends Be Quick
Girlfriends Jump On
A Shopping Pick

House – SPRY – SUYS Sale, this weekend only, a steal at 150L…go get it now!! (Furniture and accessories are not included)

Catty Wears
Hair – Truth – Valerie
Skin – Belleza – Erika – Group Gift
Shirt – Berries Inc – Mel Shirt
Jeans – Atomic – Bleached – Vintage
Shoes – Miel – Ant Flats
Poses – Oracul AO

Jenica Wears
Hair – SLink
Skin – Rockberry
Jacket – Sn@tch
Pants – Fore
Boots – Ducknipple
Poses – Oracul AO

Other Girlfriends – Misc