Catty’s Lucky Chair List

It’s well past time this page gets some love. I almost deleted it, as I rarely do lucky chairs anymore…then I thought…why not??? I always loved doing lucky chairs, tho there just doesn’t seem to be many “good” ones, like there used to be, they are a waning element of SL. However, because I love the good ol’ days, and the current days too, I’ll try to update this now and then, as I find new chairs that suit my tastes and whims. Anything below the “line” is well outdated, I’ve no idea if they are still there or not. I’m going to leave them there for now, but start fresh, above the line.

Have fun, be respectful and grateful of the chair owners and remember my LC Motto – “Lucky Chairs are NOT Wait In Line Take Your Turn Chairs!!!!”

TART – Various Clothing
Sn@tch – 8 Boards with various wearables, updated often.
Elymode – Two Chairs with various clothing and make up, brand new chairs
Sassy Kitty Designs – Three boards, various clothing items.
Pig – Two boards, one for guys and one for girls.
Ingenue – One chair, single item
Zenith Fashion – Two Chairs, various items for guys and girls

Last Updated (Above the Line) – 18 May 2011


Lucky Chair List- Organically growing every week. Get to

hoppin’ 🙂




This is by no means an all inclusive list, just a few of my favorites. I am sure I missed a few of my favorites, and some may be Halloween only chairs.  I will attempt to keep updated periodically. 


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