Peace Keeping – Order Amongst the Chaos

What is Hey Girlfriend all about anyways?
We are a bunch of people who talk about whatever comes to mind. There are a lot of very cool people in HG. We are female, male, and probably a few other options too. We are builders, designers and shoppers, artists and some are churchgoing and some not. Some of us are in SL for hours a day, some only hours a month.

We love to talk about SL and RL and all they have to offer.

We’re not an advertising group, please don’t treat it that way.

We have manners, and we respect others, their sims, their shops, their opinions, their space, etc.

We are respectful of our Peace Keepers (officers) and fellow groupies.

We are a PG group and appreciate that everyone strives to keep us that way as their are plenty of other groups for other things in SL, we want to keep HG “safe”.

We appreciate that HG! membership is a privilege, as well as our participation in this wonderful virtual world. It is not a right… it is all not here for our personal benefit, but if we grow from it, we have indeed gained.

We have a Flickr group –

We have a blog –

And we take our group related issues that we just cannot solve on our own to Catty or an available Peace Keeper (Officer), who may, or may not assist, or perhaps she/he may point you in the right direction.

And we know that rules are subject to change at the whims of Catty and our Peace Keepers.

1. Store Owners/Employees.
Please do NOT spam your dollarbies, sales, hunts, freebies, contests etc in the group. We love to know what all our girlfriends and guyfriends are up to, but we don’t want to be advertised to. When the conversation goes that way, we are thrilled to hear what your adventures and activities are. If you are unsure if its acceptable to post, it probably isn’t, but you can always ask a Peace Keeper. We are a chat group, not a shopping and/or advertising group.

2. Hunts.
Please please please do not give out hunt item locations or SLurls, or cheat sheets. Doing so will more then likely result in muting and/or removal from the group.

On a side note that sorta fits in here, PLEASE remember to not leave your boxes at hunt/freebie locations and do thank the store owners when you get the chance!!

3. Lucky Chairs/MM Boards etc
Do NOT call list- we do not call the Silent Sparrow or Katat0nik chairs in this group. This is at the request of these shop owners, and not up for discussion.

Lucky Chairs/Boards: It is ok to call letters in group that you are trying to win the item on, (other then the two mentioned above) you are watching and waiting for your letter at. Please do not call any chair you own or that you in any way are affiliated with. Don’t forget to let us know what’s in the chair and where it is too that you are calling.
Also, remember, a lucky chair is just that, if someone gets there before you….better luck next time.

MM Boards: See Lucky Chair info. Constant updates on MM boards are not necessary. Also remember to Keep It Simple when calling an MM board. All we need, or want to know is what it is, the numbers and the URL. If it’s a board only item, that might be good info to know. We do not need to know that it needs to be locked down (DOH!!! would you be calling it if it didn’t?) or if it is amazing or beautiful – we’ll decide that for ourselves thank you very much. We also don’t need to know the regular price of the item in it, we can figure that out if we feel the need for confirmation of the amazing freebie we are getting. Also note, as we are not an MM/LC group, we don’t need pasted info from them, take a moment to erase the stuff not applicable to our chatty group.

4. Clubs/Contests/Classes/Events.
If a club is holding a contest, just say such and such a club is having a contest, mention the prize, and the slurl. Keep it simple, and do not repeat or it becomes spam and gets ignored and/or boot/flog listed. It’s also a good idea to type in the notice in a chatty manner, rather than copy and paste…we just like it and respond to it much better that way. If you can’t take the time to do this, we probably can’t take the time to read it.
However, if this contest is a pay to vote thing….please find another group to post it in.

5. Rumours/Urban Legends/Scams/Content Thieves/Slander/Etc
It is this group’s official policy to not perpetuate these types of things. Do not post urls to shops that may or may not have stolen merchandise. Do not post websites for info on the latest scam/ripoff. Verify the info with the group’s officers, and they will decide if it is something that needs to be shared. There are much more effective ways of dealing with these types of issues, and feeding the frenzy is not one of them.

Anyone posting the location on stolen content will be removed from the group. Anyone distributing stolen content will be removed from the group and their information will be given to the original content creator for investigation and possible DMCA action. Anyone supporting content theft, or stolen content distribution will be removed from the group and their information given to Linden Labs for investigation.

We take content theft seriously.

6. Manners and Respect – If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

-Yes, we all have various activities and interests, likes and dislikes both in SL and RL. Yes, we all have an opinion. Yes, we aren’t going to agree with everyone about it. And it’s OKAY to talk about it. Respect each other’s beliefs, opinions, jobs, endeavors and don’t try to push yours. If the conversation gets mean or spammy, you will be contacted and/or muted/removed by a Peace Keeper. If the conversation goes out of your comfort zone, GENTLY (that means without announcing that you are closing it) close the group chat (or detach it and slide it offscreen), and open it up a little later. Like the weather, the topic will have likely changed quickly.
-If you dont want to listen to chat and have decided to utilize the x…please do so quietly. We assume we are all Grown Up here and don’t need to slam doors.
-If you see someone “spamming”, we all do not need to start the Spam Chant. The phrase “the pots calling a kettle black” comes to mind on that one!! If a Peace Keeper is on, they’ll take care of it, if not, a notecard of the offense to Catty will be sufficient.
-If a Peace Keeper has asked you to refrain from posting or discussing something in group and they receive any attitude or noncompliance, this is also grounds for removal from the group. The Peace Keepers work hard keeping this group what it is, without them, there would be no group. They earn and deserve our respect and appreciation.
-If you do not like a store, a product, or how someone does something, that’s fine, that’s why there are so many places and so many people. You do not need to share this dislike by dissing them/it in the group, we may (or may not) care who you like, but we certainly don’t care who you do not. Expressing an opinion does not require, nor entitle one to disprespect.
-It takes a lot of time and effort, and even skill and expensive software, for someone to create content for SL. Please remember this when you recieve a gift. a dollarbie, hunt item, MM board item, LC item, etc. If you do not like it, fine, keep that to yourself. We only care to hear about what you like. Any complaints about gifts for any reason, including nondelivery, are grounds for muting/removal from the group. If you do like the item, be sure to thank the creator.
-Remember, we are all only human RL and things do go wrong in group chats and negativity does happen. Please help keep things calm and peacefully positive. If it is a serious issue, we do have Peace Keepers to take care of the situation. The Peace Keeper may choose to speak in group about it, but chances are they are dealing with it privately.

For our full list of Peace Keepers – See our About page.


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