Groping the Truth with Adam n Eve

Catty LOTW

My week began with good intentions, and as often happens, RL showed up at the door and much of what I’d SLplanned didn’t happen. However, before the knocking, I did manage to get some shopping done. Sachi Vixen at Adam N Eve lovingly and beautifully created a tribute to Etta James skin, making it so that if I didn’t have time to change much in SL this week, at least I was wearing something gorgeous.

Catty LOTW

I also had a chance to get to the Truth sale at Truth District, where our Evil Hairmaker has several of his recent styles at half price!!! I’ve grabbed a couple I didn’t have yet, but I must get back this evening before the sale ends for more as there are more on my NEED list. If you haven’t been there yet, just go now and “grab one of each” and you’ll be happy as we all know we can never have enough hair, and I’m pretty sure the sale ends very soon! Time for more shopping and snapping, see you at the sales!!!

Catty LOTW

Credits and Stuff :
Skin – Adam n Eve – Natalie – Natural – Bare
Shirt – LouLou – Gypsy – Black
Dress (Pic 3) – LouLou – Striped Dress – Fall (old favorite, may not still be available)
Jeans – League – Garage Jeans – Cool Blue
Hair – Truth – Tammy (with Hairbase) – Night
Hair(Pic 3) – Truth – Delia – Night
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Classic – Deep Dream
Piercing – LouLou – Addiction (old favorite, may not still be available)
Poses – Diesel Works – Various


Girlfriends Gone Shopping!! Starting 2012 on the Right Foot with Skins!!

Catty Got Harper'd

With the holidays over, it’s time to settle back into SL, get some blogging, shopping, sorting, socializing, etc done. I was delighted on Saturday to hear that Hey Girlfriend!’s very own talented Sachi had worked her artistic magic again, this time with a delicious new skin named after our lovely Harper. Jeni and I rushed right over to try it out. Sachi, being the sweetie she is, has a gift set out, so when you demo Harper, you’ll get some yummy make ups.

HG - Jeni Haz Skillz

As you may notice, our Jeni was so excited about it all that she just had to show us some of her many talents, with a little help from the goofy grid.

HG - Got Shoes?

Earlier in the day someone in the group mentioned shoes. I’ve been looking around for new shoes and boots lately so I tp’d along to SLink. I hate shoes, RL and SL, I’m so finicky when it comes to look, color, fit etc I just could pull out my prim hair. The grid was giving me grief, so I haven’t yet been able to try on demos, but I did grab a nice pile to try on when I can. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some SLink shoes here in the near future, I do love their quality.

HG-SLink2 - Catty and Jeni

It was so fun to see a few Girlfriends out, tho I wasn’t able to get pics of others that showed up, I did of course get Jeni and I, as well as AmazingGrace as she was slinking behind the shoe display.

HG-SLink3 - AmazingGrace

We really do need to get the group out having more fun…and hopefully, you’ll get to see some of us here in the blog as we adventure about. And maybe even I’ll have shoes on…if I find some new ones. Back to shopping and whatnot, see you again soon. Oh, and have a very delightful New Year!!!

Catty Wears :
Skin – Adam n Eve – Harper – Natural (SLink Pics – Sneak Peak of upcoming Natalie at Adam n Eve, stay tuned for more on this skin, it’s another masterpiece.)
Make Up Layer – Adam n Eve – Sparkle Make Up Gift 1
Shirt – League – Short Tank Top – Army
Jeans – League – Zipped Leather Pants – Faded Black
Hair – Elikatira – Early – Black 06
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Molten Chocolate
Poses – Diesel Works – Clover (Oracul AO)

For more info on what others might be wearing, see Flickr, where I have tried to tag what I can.

Blink and Summers Over

Summer has gone so fast, I was caught by surprise when the weather guy announced the official end to summer. In an attempt to jump start my blogging, I thought I’d start with some favorite purchases, from the summer, that make great looks for autumn too. Seems like only a few days ago I purchased this yummy shirt from League, and I can’t seem to take off this Truth hair, purchased at a past Colabor88. With Autumn here so soon, that of course means there is more shopping to do, and that means more blogging! See you again soon!!


Skin – Tuli – Zoe – Sunkissed – TTH Hunt (no longer available)
Shirt – League – Seashell Blouse – Old Lavender
Bra – Kyoot – Soft Words Lingerie (Soft Grey)
Jeans – Maitreya – Rolled Skinny Jeans – #05
Hair – Truth – Gabriel (from Colabor88, no longer available)
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Night Rain
Eyelashes – Vox – Natural
Poses – Diesel Works – Daisy

Psst – Don’t Tell, It’s a Secret!

Saturday I woke to a delightful rumor….I had to go check it immediately, and …it was true! A sale at Elikatira!!! Be still my hair lovin heart!!! I fondly remember many an Elika sale, fighting the lag, stocking up on all the missing hairstyles to complete my collections. What a fun way to start a holiday weekend!!! Before I knew it, hair packs were dropping in my inventory! I’ve no idea which I’ll wear first!!! I saw Jeni log in and sent her a TP (I didn’t tell her the secret) so she could come have some shopping fun too!

Girlfriends Got Secrets

Don’t tell anyone where you heard it from but, if you love hair, and if you love Elika (and who doesn’t love both?) then get yourself over to Elikatira ASAP, the Secret Sale ends Monday night at Midnight. You seriously will be kicking yourself it you don’t. My Fave Essentials pack is on sale for 90L, regular color packs are 80L, and the Everything pack is 440L. I was there early, there wasn’t much lag, but that may not be the case the rest of the weekend, so plan ahead and dress down, both yourself and your viewer. You might also want to purchase the demos on Marketplace to save time, and make a list of the ones you want to buy when you get to the store.

Secret About

Secret Past

Secret Want

I snapped a few quick shots in a random sampling of the hairs I got today, and no doubt I’ll be back for more, I’ve got my list ready! Stop reading and get over there and check some hairstyles off your list!!! But shhhh…don’t tell!!! Remember, its a secret!

Credits :
Hair – Elikatira – About – Essentials Collection – Brown 08, Past – Essentials Collection – Black 04, Want – Essentials Collection – Red 08
Skin – Tuli – Gina – Tan – Equinox, Make Up – Lips – Sienna
Shirts – League – Ribbon Tied Tanktop – Sunny, Surf Co. – Hermana Tank – Black
Jeans – Ladies Who Lunch – Billie Jeans – Vintage
Shoes – Miel – Ant Flats – Nero
Eyes – A.D.D Andel– Love Affair Eyes – Ice Lights, Poetic Colors – Dark Wood
AO’s – Oracul
Poses – Reasonable Desires Poses – Various Stands

Jenica wears – Hair – Elikatira, Skin – Tuli – Zoe, Shirt – Sn@tch, Jeans – LWL, Eyes – Umedama Holic, Feet – SLink.

A Friday Shopping Quicky with and League

Shopping!!! Friday is often a fun day for shopping in SL. Today was one of those days. I love my purchases so thought I’d do a quicky post to share them. It’s been a busy RL day, so quicky hasn’t been as quick as I’d hoped but…quicker then it usually is when it comes to my kind of quickies!

Friday Shopping

First thing I always do on a Friday is check the Fifty Linden Friday list. I delighted today to see some favorite shopping stops on it, and immediately found myself on AutoTP to I grabbed up the Low.rise jeans, in a special color for the sale, for I’ve been wearing another color lately and loving them, and knew I had to have these too. I love the light color, just perfect for spring. If you don’t get a chance to get them for the FLF sale, they are definitely worth grabbing in another color, especially while they are still on the Spring Sale….half price!!…thru the 17th. Next, I was off to League. There, I was totally distracted by a new release!! The new Ribbon Tied Tank in Sunny immediately got my attention and found its way to my inventory. I am loving it, the prim ties all fit with only placement adjustments, and I love how it looks with my new jeans. The longer I wore the tank, and jeans, the more I loved both. There were new shorts there too, but as I’m in a RL Winter Storm today, I’m just not in the mood today for bared legs, but I’m sure they’ll eventually find their way to my inventory as well as a celebratory blog post.

Catty Squishy

The rest of my day was spent lounging around with some of my KittyCatS (Sprout and Sugarplum shown here) while RL kept me well distracted with only intermittent SL time. If you’re in the Glitterati VIP group, you should find a comfy lounging-around-all-day-on-a-snowy-Friday Squishy Sofa in the group notices. If you’re not in the group, you certainly should get in there, this group is well worth the joining fee.
Skin – Tuli – Zoe – Sunkissed – Purity
Hair – Elikatira – Theory – Essentials Collection – Brown 08, Later – Essentials Collection – Brown 08
Shirts – League – Ribbon Tied Tanktop – Sunny
Jeans – – Low.rise Jeans – Faded – Fifty Linden Friday
Shoes – Miel – Ant Flats – Nero
Eyes – Curio – Tragic Eyes – Dark Brown – Shine
Sprout and Sugarplum – KittyCatS
Poses – Glitterati – Various Stands, Squishy Sofa – VIP Group Gift (4/14/2011 – Join Fee)

GLANCE Front Row 2011 – JANE gets BENT! Exclusively

The GLANCE Front Row 2011 RFL event runs thru the month of April, and is just too good to miss. It’s full of new, previously unreleased, and exclusive items from many of our favorite designers, and 100% of all sales goes to RFL.

The first items to catch my eye are from JANE. JANE is an adorable shop which is owned by Janie Marlowe, formerly of Mischief. If you were a Mischief fan, you’ll love the new JANE, and if you are unfamiliar with Janie’s designs, you need to fix that now and get over there for she has many wearable dresses, sweaters and other goodies.


With these exclusive new items for GLANCE Front Row’s RFL event, you’ve a perfect opportunity to go check JANE out and get some new dresses too. I chose the shirt option of one of the Lucidity dress to wear with a fave pair of Jeans from League. Poses shown are also exclusive GLANCE Front Row items, from Bent! You know you can never have enough poses, so head on over there and help RFL and get some new poses too.


For more info on GLANCE and the 2011 Front Row event, read more about it at their website. Read more about RFL of SL at their official site and find more on giving back to RL thru SL. I am amazed by the RFL activities to be found in SL, and I am proud and honored to have been given the opportunity to be one of the official bloggers for GLANCE, so keep an eye out and I will try to get as many of these great offerings as my router, ISP and RL will allow.

Skin – Tuli – Zoe – Pale – Bare, Makeup – Lips – Ruin
Hair – Elikatira – Comfort(VIP Collection) – Current Group Gift (3/25/11)
Dress – JANE – Anna – GLANCE Front Row Exclusive
Top – JANE – Lucidity – GLANCE Front Row Exclusive (also includes dress version)
Jeans – League – Garage Jeans – Cool Blue
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Frozen Silver
Poses – Bent! – Various GLANCE Front Row Exclusives

Look Of The Other Day – Zaara, League and Elikatira did it to me.

I started this post days ago, when Zaara released a yummy new shirt I had to have, and League did it too. And then Elikatira added to it with her new group gift hair. The pics I got done, but they sat there, waiting, and RL took over. Rather then move on to other newness, I decided to dub them my “Look Of The Other Day” pics and go ahead and finish the blog, as all the above designers, and their new items, are just too good not to get a bit of blog space.

LOTOD - League

On Friday, of last week, I was delighted to see Elika drop a new gift hair on her VIP group. I delighted even more, to see it was an adorable short style, which immediately went to the top of my list of “best short styles ever”. I thought it went great with the new League shirt and skirt released the same day. It’d been much too long since League had released any new clothes so I was quite excited to see this great shirt, I love the ties (it has another optional one also) and the ruffle. I anticipate I will be wearing all of these items often this spring and upcoming summer.

LOTOD - Zaara2

Thursday, was another exciting day, when I saw on Flickr that Zaara had released some new tops. I thought I’d avoid going over there, but then Jeni did her enabling thing and next thing I knew, the neutrals pack was in my inventory! It was inevitable, as I know it is that the other packs will also someday find their way to my inventory too. Zaara may have outdone herself with this top, the detail, the shading, the flowers, all so yummy. I love the top with my fave Zaara pants, tho I did decide to mix up the colors of the top a bit.

LOTOD - Zaara1

I’ve a feeling RL is going to be calling again soon, so best get this post finished before it does, and before all those upcoming April events sneak up, and all those yummy designers release more newness, and I find myself with more blogging to do. *slowly chisels away at her Blogging folder and hits the publish button*

Skin – Tuli – Zoe – Pale – Ruin, Makeup – Lips – Ruin
Hair – Elikatira – Comfort(VIP Collection) – Current Group Gift (3/25/11), Hye –
Cothes – Pic 1: League – Shirt – Spring Frill Neck Camisole -Red, Skirt – Buttoned Corduroy Mini -Black
Pic 2: Zaara – Shirt – Zayba Cross Top – Sand, (with Flower attachment from same shirt in Kohl), Pants – Ishaya Velour Slacks – Black
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Frozen Silver
Poses – Diesel Works – Various
Shoes – Zaara – Ilaida Mojri