A Little Global Domination, A Little Exile

You’ve just three days left for Global Domination!!! This very entertaining event ends on Thursday, and I highly recommend it if you enjoy hunt and puzzles. Do not get me wrong tho, this is NOT a hunt, tho some hunting is involved. It took me about three days of off-and-on back-and-forth grid-hopping and thinking and making all kinds of notes to figure it out, along with a little eavesdropping of the Hint Group. It’s the most fun I’ve had doing a hunt/grid hopping type thing in ages, and Kudos to the organizers of this event, and I hope they do more! I’m showing here just three of the many wonderful prizes (for more peeks, see Global Domination ).

Global Domination in Exile

I love the Global Domination Prize gown from Indrya Originals, it comes in two color options, with two sets of coordinating jewelry, also shown here. I’m sure I’ll be wearing this thru spring and into summer, and even these late dreary winter days when spring fever is beginning to take root. Pilot offers up for a prize this very versatile stage, complete with a variety of poses to use, however, I chose to use the poses from aDORKable, also a Global Domination prize for completing the game. I love this Exile hair, Loveshack, available at My Attic @ The Deck thru this week also, and I even opted to wear a different color for a change. I’m still loving this Zoe skin too, from Tuli, make sure grab it also while you’re over at My Attic @ The Deck before its gone. You’ve much to do to keep you busy for the rest of this month, so don’t delay or you’ll be sorry you missed out on all the fun and bargains!!

Credits and Other Important Stuff :

Skin – Tuli – Zoe – Powder – Pop, by Tuli Asturias (Available at My Attic at The Deck)
Gown – Indyra Originals – Daisha – Lush Petal, by Indyra Seigo (For Global Domination Prizes)
Hair – Exile – Loveshack – Marone, by Kavar Cleanslate (Available at My Attic at The Deck)
Necklace Earrings – Indyra Originals – Adrift – Rose, by Indyra Seigo (For Global Domination Prizes)
Nails – Bamboo Nails – So Pink Reverse, by RubyRedRusset
Ring – JCNY – Athena Wedding, by JD Hansen
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard – Classic Eyes – Blue, by Audrey Lamede
Lashes – Maitreya – Mesh V.I.P. Gift, by Onyx LeShelle
Poses – aDORKable – Moh Mai, by aDORKable Peapod (For Global Domination Prizes)
Stage Background – Pilot – Borobsky Stage (with it’s own poses), by Kaz Nayar (For Global Domination Prizes)
Pose Stand – Tillie’s, by Tillie Ariantho


New Releases & Hunts: Love Me Tender

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with all the pinks and reds everywhere, I felt inspired to do some festive photos. I started with a dress and leggings set from PurpleMoon, made for the Cupids Arrow hunt and a fun outfit for a casual day hanging out with my man. I’ll let you in on a little secret too, there is Cherry Hunt happening over there at PurpleMoon, don’t miss it, you’ll find lots of goodies.


I added the new Maxi Gossamer Khaleesi set to it, which comes in a variety of color combinations, so you’ll be sure to find one that works for your outfit of the day too, get it now while its on sale at Collabor88. I just can’t keep up with all Maxi Gossamer’s releases lately, every one is a must have that finds its way to my inventory! I also grabbed my Go-To Nails from Bamboo, each set comes in 5 colors/patterns, I’ve several and love them all, I chose a silvery white for this look to brighten things up a bit.


New for me here too, are the Doro shoes from Redgrave which come with a 12 colors all in one Hud (including two metal colors), that offers countless options for your outfit matching. I’m sure I’ll be wearing these lots with various outfits. They are a great value for the quality, I know I’ll be getting at least a couple more styles there soon.

Love Me Tender

Once I was dressed for the day, the man of my life swept me off to a beautiful sim for some dancing at a lovely waterfall he found. He is so sweet, knowing I love waterfalls, he has made it his mission to take me dancing at every waterfall on the grid! Now, time to go work on the next look and post! See you at a waterfall or shopping soon, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Dress and Leggings – Purplemoon – Love Me Tender Set, by Poulet Koenkamp
Skin – Adam n Eve – Siobhan – T3 Tomato, by Sachi Vixen
Hair – Truth – Rashida – Night, by Truth Hawks
Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet – MG – Khaleesi’s Temptation, by Maxi Gossamer (@ Collabor88)
Lipstick – Mock – SheerGlow Lipcolor – Paarl, by Mocksoup Graves
Nails – Bamboo Nails – Darkside, by RubyRedRusset
Shoes – Redgrave – Doro,   by Ring – JCNY – Athena Wedding, by JD Hansen
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard – Classic Eyes – Blue, by Audrey Lamede
Lashes – Maitreya – Mesh V.I.P. Gift, by Onyx LeShelle
Poses –aDORKable – Advent Poses, by Adorkable Peapod
Pose Stand and Background – Tillie’s, by Tillie Ariantho


Hair – KMadd
Eyes – Poetic Color

New Releases : Dancing with Emma from Entre Mares

Entre Mares has released a stunning new gown, Emma, that will be sure to heat up your cold winter nights when you go out (or stay in) dancing.

EM Emma Full

If you have a special date night coming up and you want to turn the heat up and aren’t sure what to wear, head on over to Entre Mares, you’re sure to find something there that will be just perfect for your evening. The new Emma will certainly fit that order, it is available in blue as shown, as well as a black, purple and yellow. It is lacy and delicate, and yes, it does cover all the necessary parts that need covering. The bits and parts are all well made, and the flex is just right for twirling on the dance floor.

EM Emma Couple

For my night out with my special man, I chose a favorite updo from Truth, and a favorite pair of heels from N-Core. I also chose a favorite diamond set from Alyssa Bijoux, always a great classic to wear on any formal occasion. Add to that, my most fave nails, from Bamboo, in a silvery color to match my shoes and jewelry, and I am good to go be dazzling on the arms of my dazzling man.

EM Emma Dance

Now, no more delay, rush over and grab this gown and the other things, and ..I’m off to do some more blogging and dancing, see you soon!!!

Credits and Other Important Stuff :

Gown – Entre Mares – Emma – Blue, by Sykao Adamski
Skin – Adam n Eve – Siobhan – T3 Rosebud, by Sachi Vixen
Hair – Truth – Midori – Night, by Truth Hawks
Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet – Alyssa Bijoux – Diamond Heart Set
Lipstick – Mock – Plum Orgueil Makeover, by Mocksoup Graves
Nails – Bamboo Nails – Jazzy, by RubyRedRusset
Shoes – N-Core – Aura – Plantine, by Claire Messenger
Ring – JCNY – Athena Wedding, by JD Hansen
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Deep Dream, by Lano Ling
Lashes – Maitreya – Mesh V.I.P. Gift, by Onyx LeShelle
Poses –aDORKable – Advent Poses, by Adorkable Peapod
Pose Stand and Background – Tillie’s, by Tillie Ariantho
Couples Pose – Luth, by Luth Brodie (May no longer be available)

Tux – Utopia – Max
Hair – KMadd
Eyes – Poetic Color

Keeping Calm & Catching Up

May is rushing past and I’ve hardly had a time to keep up. Finally I got a chance to delve into some SL and see what I’ve almost missed. First thing I did to catch up was take a peek at the Keep Calm & Keep Shopping event, going on now thru May 28,2012. Participating designers have created exclusive items for this event, that will not be available later, so you will not want to miss any! See the Keep Calm & Keep Shopping blog for full list of stores and other info.

Catching Up & Keeping Calm 1

Dirty Little Secret has something fun for KCKS, a Dressmaker’s Studio. You can see a peek of it here, it’s filled with furniture and decor and makes a great hang out for all designer and fashiony types, and its plenty roomy for creating in. Clutter, one of my fave stores, has a yummy chair out, I managed to find a special spot for it in the Studio. Coloreta’s is a store new to me, and this top they’ve made includes a very cool skirt but I opted to wear it with my favorite white jeans for a fun summer look.

Catching Up & Keeping Calm 2

I also got a chance to check out some new tatts from Essential Soul, and I’m loving this Koi Pond..I usually don’t go for colorful but I cannot seem to take it off. A few of my favorite groups have been sending gifts of late too, Belleza being one, with the nummilicious Lily V2 which has me thinking I need more of this skin for sure. Pixel Mode has gifted it’s subscribers with a fun pair of blue wedgies, perfect for summer wear.

Pic 1
Skin – Belleza – Lily V2 – Med – Group Gift (Fee)
Hair – Truth – Vicky – Java
Tattoo – Essential Soul – Koi Pond – Faint 2
Top – Sn@tch – Chastity Bralet Tops – Blue
Pants – Zaara – Classic Jeans – White
Shoes – Pixel Mode – Fae Wedge – Denim – Group Gift
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Night Rain
Poses – Glitterati

Pic 2
Skin – Belleza – Lily V2 – Med – Group Gift (Fee)
Hair – Truth – Andrea – Night
Tattoo – Essential Soul – Koi Pond – Faint 2
Top – Coloreta’s – Insy Top – Grape – KCKS Item
Pants – Zaara – Classic Jeans – White
Shoes – Miel – Ant Flats – Nero
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Night Rain
Chair – Clutter – Madison Chair – KCKS Item
Background and Props – Dirty Little Secret – The Dressmaker’s Studio – KCKS Item

It’s Time It’s Time!!

It’s time! It’s time once again, for one of SL’s best, must attend events…..it’s time for Fashion for Life!!! Fashion for Life is a 10 day long event to raise money for Relay for Life, a group that aids in funding the American Cancer Society, thru the sale of fashion items in Second Life that have been lovingly created by over 200 designers.

FFL 2012 It's Time

10 beautiful sims, designed just for FFL and underwritten graciously by Dream Seeker Estates, will be filled by 4 donation items, or 3 donation items and 1 gacha, per designer, as well as entertainment, gachas, a hunt, a raffle and other exciting stuff you wont want to miss. 100% of the sales of these items will go directly to Relay for Life, funding research for a cure.

Fashion for Life 2012 sim map

“It’s Time” is the theme for the 2012 Fashion for Life, and it is indeed time you’ll want to spend exploring, shopping, socializing, enjoying the builds and giving generously to this event that has become a tradition in Second Life, and kick’s off the annual Relay for Life events within SL for the year. If you love the thrill and excitement of the first hours of an event, thr rush of trying to get to all your favorite designers stores first, you’ve got a bit of time yet to get yourself ready. As with all SL events of this manner, don’t forget to prepare your AV and your ‘puter by getting everything in Power Shopping Mode in whatever way works best for your system. Syngen Sohmers and Harper Beresford did a great post in 2011 offereing tips which are good to do to prepare for events, and every day SL’ing too.

FFL 2012 Review 1

A couple of the items I was privileged to preview is the beautiful “Shirley Rose” dress from Morea Style, and the graceful Hygeia (Hygeia was the Greek Goddess of Good Health – so perfect for FFL) skin from MyDear Skins. I felt both push me to the pose stand for some first pictures of goodies we’ll find at FFL 2012. I can hardly wait to get back to the pose stand and show you more, and of course, to shop and hang out at FFL 2012! I sure hope to see you there!

Fashion For Life Items – Opens 12Noon SLT March 10 – March 20, 2012 (Link not yet available)
Skin – MyDear – Hygeia Skin- Pale 4
Make Up – MyDear – Hygeia Lipstick 1
Dress – Morea Style – Shirley Rose (Donation Item)

Other Yummy Stuff:
Hair – Truth – Tammy – Night
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Molten Chocolate
Poses – Diesel Works, Glitterati

The Loony Cat is 5!!!!

Some days I just can’t seem to figure what to blog, even with my long list of things I want to blog. Today it was easy as soon as I realized it is my 5th Rez Day, I decided to dig out some old pics and have a look back. I love looking back, reminiscing about the “good ol’ days, what a perfect excuse to do it and get a post done too! It’s also a good time to appreciate what we have in SL, and how far we’ve come, even thru all the heartache, crashes, prim hair up our butts, and changes thrown at us by LL whether we like them or not.

Catty 5 Days Old

I remember this day, I was just 5 days old, I’d found a couple shops that offered boxes of freebies and camp-for-item chairs (awesome belly ring that sticks thru shirt). I had a cool new shirt, a really sexy skin with a tatt even, and omg the hair! I loved the hair, and I hadn’t even found prim hair yet!! I spent my first year making friends around lucky chairs and classrooms, some who are still with me and I consider very dear real world friends, exploring and growing my addiction. Hey Girlfriend! was born that year too (yes groupies – you’re getting OLD too!!)

Catty Loon

About a year into SL, after having spent the first year in TWO make up options of ONE carefully chosen skin, my skin, hair, clothes etc addictions were well under way, thanks to Elika, Naughty Designs, Last Call and Another Fundraiser. My picture addiction was born about then too, as this was the very first time I just had to try to take a good pic to share on Flickr and I’m still learning how to make better pics and sharing along the way.

Catty @ 5

Today, I find myself still in love with SL, tho often finding I have to work hard to keep it working in all aspects *grumbles at Elika, Onyx and others that are trying so hard to convert her to the MESHside*. My Top 10 List of Fave Everythings grows and grows, as does my addiction to it all. I am sure there is much much more to be discovered out there, so I’ll keep looking, and no doubt bloggybuddy Jenica will keep whipping, the designers will keep designing, the groupies will keep groping and I’ll find more and more joys to be had in SL.

I wonder where we will all be in another 5 years!

Credits and Stuff :
Just a couple of my most meaningful favorites, both old and new all at once even, of which a pic for today wouldn’t seem right without because I blog what I love and I love this stuff and the designers that created them. Note – this is by all means not ALL that I love, that’d be way too many pics!
Skin – Adam n Eve – Natalie – Natural – Burlesque
Shirt – Suicidal Unborn – Lolita Long Tank – Black
Hair – Elikatira – Locked (MESH) – Black 04
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Classic – Deep Dream
Piercing – LouLou – Addiction (old favorite, may not still be available)
Poses – Diesel Works – Scarlett

Song Obsession of the Moment

Girlfriends Gone Shopping!! Starting 2012 on the Right Foot with Skins!!

Catty Got Harper'd

With the holidays over, it’s time to settle back into SL, get some blogging, shopping, sorting, socializing, etc done. I was delighted on Saturday to hear that Hey Girlfriend!’s very own talented Sachi had worked her artistic magic again, this time with a delicious new skin named after our lovely Harper. Jeni and I rushed right over to try it out. Sachi, being the sweetie she is, has a gift set out, so when you demo Harper, you’ll get some yummy make ups.

HG - Jeni Haz Skillz

As you may notice, our Jeni was so excited about it all that she just had to show us some of her many talents, with a little help from the goofy grid.

HG - Got Shoes?

Earlier in the day someone in the group mentioned shoes. I’ve been looking around for new shoes and boots lately so I tp’d along to SLink. I hate shoes, RL and SL, I’m so finicky when it comes to look, color, fit etc I just could pull out my prim hair. The grid was giving me grief, so I haven’t yet been able to try on demos, but I did grab a nice pile to try on when I can. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some SLink shoes here in the near future, I do love their quality.

HG-SLink2 - Catty and Jeni

It was so fun to see a few Girlfriends out, tho I wasn’t able to get pics of others that showed up, I did of course get Jeni and I, as well as AmazingGrace as she was slinking behind the shoe display.

HG-SLink3 - AmazingGrace

We really do need to get the group out having more fun…and hopefully, you’ll get to see some of us here in the blog as we adventure about. And maybe even I’ll have shoes on…if I find some new ones. Back to shopping and whatnot, see you again soon. Oh, and have a very delightful New Year!!!

Catty Wears :
Skin – Adam n Eve – Harper – Natural (SLink Pics – Sneak Peak of upcoming Natalie at Adam n Eve, stay tuned for more on this skin, it’s another masterpiece.)
Make Up Layer – Adam n Eve – Sparkle Make Up Gift 1
Shirt – League – Short Tank Top – Army
Jeans – League – Zipped Leather Pants – Faded Black
Hair – Elikatira – Early – Black 06
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Molten Chocolate
Poses – Diesel Works – Clover (Oracul AO)

For more info on what others might be wearing, see Flickr, where I have tried to tag what I can.