Crashing the Royal Wedding, Belatedly and with Pixels – Hatpins, Magoa and Mynerva

I’ve been excited for the Royal Wedding since the engagement was announced last fall, I remember getting up to watch Princess Di’s wedding with some British friends, so didn’t want to miss William and Kate’s. I loved every moment of it, and I’ve spent way too many hours since watching all the coverage going on here in the US. While enjoying watching the wedding, and all the hats and such, I got to wondering…what would I wear to the Royal Wedding if I’d been invited? Well, without a second thought, it would have to include a Hatpins hat, as I’ve watched designer Reghan Straaf’s mad millinery progress since her very first hat, years ago, and I am proud to say she is one of my dearest friends and has been since our earliest days. Her hats are exquisite and would be very highly suitable for a RL Royal Wedding. Then I wondered, what else would I wear? Well, I spent hours sorting thru existing inventory, and failing at coming up with anything that felt right. They have so many rules on what is proper!!! I never did decide on anything and eventually got caught up in RL.
Royal Wedding
Much later, I was given the opportunity to blog Magoa’s Project Themeory item, and when I saw it, I knew I wanted to wear it, with a Hatpins hat, to the Royal Wedding! I love the color, which matched the idea in my head of what I’d been looking for. It’s quite improper, with its bare arms and all, for a Royal Wedding; I’d choose a classic jacket, in black, to wear with it, but I didn’t want to hide the lovely color and texture for this post. The dress comes with a second skirt option, which contains some words of love on the skirt, which goes along with the Project Themeory theme, but I opted for the plain option for my wedding attire.
Royal Wedding - Hatpins, Magoa, Mynerva
I also got wind of the Mynerva Birthday Hunt happening, this weekend only. There are five hidden cupcakes, each with a skin, for group members and there is a fee to join. I love particularly the Adele skins, which you get in two tones, and the Night Drow, which I hope to blog in the future. This little hunt is definitely something to do while waiting for previously posted weekend events to get started, don’t wait to long since it ends soon. Beware tho – you will risk wanting more of these skins if you aren’t familiar with them already!
Royal Wedding - Hatpins, Magoa, Mynerva 2
Incidently, I was wearing the Elikatira Past hair when watching the Wedding coverage, and when we all finally got to see the Bride’s chosen wedding look, I was thrilled to see she’d chosen the same Elikatira style too!! I loved everything about her look, as well as Pippa’s and the Queen’s. Some of us in Hey Girlfriend! were up chatting while watching and that made it even more special for me. I wish William and Kate a very happy and blessed life together, and am so grateful we all (I even woke my MiniMe in time to catch some of it too!) got to share in their joy of the day.
Credits :

Dress – Magoa – Our Story Dress (Project Themory)
Hat – Hatpins – Lady Elaina Cocktail Hat – Blackberry, Lady Imogene Hat – Vibrant Violet
Skin – Mynerva – Adele Bcup – Bday Gift – Group Only Hunt in store thru May 1
Hair – Elikatira – Past – Black 04
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Lava Dust
Eyelashes – Vox – Natural
Shoes – Maitreya – IXkin – Black
Poses – Diesel Works – Clover Set